I'm looking for a few good men - or more likely women, although I certainly don't want to exclude anyone - who might be interested in starting a group blog together.

I'm a brand new author, my first book is scheduled to be released in November 2008 from Berkley Prime Crime, and I'm hoping to find some other folks in the same boat (new authors, debut authors), so we can navigate the choppy waters of BSP together.

I write light-hearted, romantic - dare I say sexy? - fairly cozy, contemporary mysteries, so if that's your cup of tea and you'd be interested in joining forces with me, please let me know!

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I'm a debut author, but I can't grog with Jennie (with man-eating rats in my debut thriller, somehow, I don't think her readership and mine are quite the same), but I just want to chime in and say that I hope she's getting lots of private messages and emails on this, because I know her from another group, and she's terrific! Smart, funny, and a wonderful writer.
Awwww, thanks Karen! You're making me blush.

I'm not getting a ton of replies, but a few, and after all, it only takes a handful of people for a good grog, doesn't it? If this doesn't work, I'll start contacting a few folks individually, and see if I can work something up that way. Still, it's early days yet!

Have a great weekend.
Jennie - I hope you get some takers. Sadly, I don't write novels, I just do the building work. But, if ever you need to know how to bury a body in concrete (under a floor for example), hide a body in a cavity wall, underground in a sewage system, well, I could probably give you some real tips! :-)

By the way, the notion of light-hearted and house renovation - well, that's a real novelty, I'll have to try that sometime. Perhaps, that's where I am going wrong... off to ponder.
Ruth, so far so good. Sorry you can't join us. Sounds like you've done your share of renovations. They can be hair-raising, can't they? The beauty of fiction is that it doesn't have to be as harrowing as it would in real life, of course. :-)
Hair raising - hm, I'd have been inclined to add leg breaking, knee dislocating, shoulder wrenching - nope, haven't quite "finished" yet - do a project a year - concreted the barn floor this year... yep, it's a big shed too.

I could join you as a reader - but doubt that would be any use. Does the "grog" involve whiskey by chance?
Virtual whiskey... A friend of mine has a virtual cocktail party every Friday on her group blog; maybe I should do the same thing. :-)
Hey Jenn--I'm seconding Karen's opinion 'cause you know I'm a fan of yours. I don't have mutant rodents in my books, but my writing is far from cozy. Have you tried new RWA PAN members or the Kiss of Death chapter? They'd be right up your alley.

In lieu of that, I'm with Bill Cameron when he says, "I heart beer." My kind of grog. I really hope to meet you face to face over a brewski in 2008.
If not before, we'll do it at Bouchercon, JD. Thanks for stopping by.
I am already part of a group blog, Type M For Murder, but I'll wish you all the best with yours. Just keep at it! If you would like to exchange links, please let me know your name and the URL when you're set up.
Thanks, Kristy! I'm sorry I missed meeting you when you were here in Nashville a few weeks back. From Tasha's pictures, it looked like you had a great visit. Maybe next time!
Alas, my books aren't cozies and the rats are real ones. Wishing you lots of luck with your new book! That's very cool.
Thanks, Vicki! I appreciate the encouragement. This is my first attempt at something like this, and I can use all the good wishes anyone cares to send me. Whenever I get it organized, if I do, I'll definitely let you know. Have a safe New Years Eve!


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