Or, as is often the case, the pile of books next to your overflowing bookshelf known as 'Mount TBR'.

Me, I just ordered Anne Frasier's GARDEN OF DARKNESS, Jen Jordan's EXPLETIVE DELETED, Charlie Huston's HALF THE BLOOD OF BROOKLYN, and a little book by Delphine Lecompte called KITTENS IN THE BOILER.

I recently finished Tana French's IN THE WOODS and really enjoyed it, so maybe I'm not as hardboiled as I thought I was. Right now, I'm powering through Steven Hall's THE RAW SHARK TEXTS, with some Cormac McCarthy (THE ROAD) and Peter Temple (IN THE EVIL DAY) waiting in the wings. But there's always others on that mountain of books that may just take my fancy once I've finished my current read.

Anyone else feel like sharing their reading past, present and future?

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Currently: Ammmaniti - "I'm not afraid", Akunin - "Azazel"
TBR: Coben's "The Woods".... and I don't know. I guess that one's next. My to be read list is evergrowing and only God knows what will I read next :)

Btw, Daniel - I liked "The Raw Shark Texts". It was great for me.
I just finished Peter Temple's THE BROKEN SHORE - loved its dark gloominess and the quality of the writing. I've looked forward to Zadie Smith's WHITE TEETH for ages and really enjoyed her wonderful writing, characterisation and ability to write speech so well, you can hear the characters speaking. I'm not finding her second book THE AUTOGRAPH MAN quite so appealing. Next up are Ian Rankin's EXIT MUSIC - really looking forward to that - and the Booker winner, Anne Enright's THE GATHERING. I read an extract on-line and it drew me in.
As is usually the case, I'm behind the times. I just recently stumbled across a list of the "most over looked" novels at The Rap Sheet's blog. So I'm going to work through a few of those.
Oh, yes. My stack has 38 books haphazardly placed in my office. Authors include Jonathan Kellerman, Harlen Coben, Wilbur Smith, Larry McMurtry, two anthologies, Peter Temple, Ken Bruen, James Patterson, Lee Child, Libby Hellmann. And then I always have to find time to write.
Daniel, you'll have to tell me what you thought of The Road. I just finished it recently, so am interested what others think. I just went through my basement stash of about 200 books and pulled these out to read next: The Secret Hangman by Peter Lovesey, Borkmann's Point by Hakan Nesser, December Heat by Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza, A Taste for Death by P.D. James and A Death in Vienna by Frank Tallis. I'm trying to read through my basement books before buying any more, but I did have to buy The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson, based on strong recommendations.
I'm currently reading Steig Larsson's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, thanks to glowing remarks from Ali. At 500 plus pages, it may take a while.

I've decided to read the 5 nominees for Edgar Best Novel. All except one of those books was already in the TBR stack so now they just need to be shuffled a little. I also have Susan Hill's The Risk of Darkness (Book three in her Simon Serrailler series), The Crazy House by Cornelia Read, Barbara Serenella's final book Deadman's Switch, and by then T. Jefferson Parker's LA Outlaws will be relaeased (Feb 4).

Never a lack of books, only the lack of time to read them.



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