from the government/organized crime/a foreign power/your ex. Where do you go, what do you do for a living, what name do you take.? Do you have the necessary survival skills to make it? Who do you take along?
You have $5000 in your pocket, but you need a new ID.
No, I am not stealing your great ideas. This again relates to an academic article on sixties radicals on the run, but need not be relevant to that particular experience. Are you any more inventive than they were? Will you end up serving a long sentence for the cop who died in your explosion/ for the innocent bystander dead on the street. Return with us now to the thrilling days of yesteryear. Or last year. Or yesterday. What would you do? Where would you go?

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If it were me...I woulda lived as openly as possible, giving out as little ambiguous info as I could get away with. Tough balance....but I think it can be done. People tend not to notice what is right under their noses.
i would move to minnesota and become a soccer mom.
Hmm...a sex change...not sure if I'd make a good woman or not.
Trust me, you wouldn't.
Not after all the trouble getting out of there.
I would get on my motorcycle and jump the barbed wire into Switzerland, then go to Saanen and hook up with my sister's eighth-grade (now out of the closet) boyfriend and drink schnapps out of the big tanks in his family's hotel basement for a night or two. Christoph could hook me up with a passport, I'm pretty sure. Then I'd try get a plane courier gig to someplace in Asia, out of Zurich. Preferably Jakarta or Bangkok, from whence I would proceed overland to either to Bali or Koh Phi Phi, where I could make the rest of the 5k last a while but still afford beer, shrimp, and the occasional dose of mushrooms. I would also be on the lookout for a tasty Australian surfer. With a boat. Just in case.

Eventually I might send for my children.
After them, could you send for me?
Dude, I'll have you on speed-dial before I even kickstart the motorcycle. Just bring enough money for *your* new passport and maybe a little extra so we can score some decent tequila in the duty free.
Like I'd tell you the plans that I fine-tune every day...
You';ll never get caught.
Well, I'm solidly Gen X, so I'd probably stay in my parents' basement.


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