Recently finished reading this Hard Case Crime novel. I'm usually turned off by greedy characters, but Williams prose grabbed me by the throat so much that I couldn't wait to finish it. Not sure if I'll ever read anything by him again (too dark), but, man, what a ride!

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I read this book, and it was pretty good, but I liked Williams' seafaring novels better, of which I have read two: THE SAILCLOTH SHROUD and SCORPION REEF. Both told in a very matter-of-fact style, a bit less heated than the style he used in TOUCH OF DEATH.

Williams is a great writer. I'm always on the lookout for his books.
I'm a big fan of Williams' work. River Girl is my favorite, but all his Gold Medal Books are worth reading. If you don't like the dark stuff, read one of his comic novels, like The Diamond Bikini Uncle Sagamore and his Girls.
Is this the guy who wrote 'Fags and Lager and Deadfolk? Great writer.


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