Did anyone make it to the con? How was it? Somebody share!

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It was a great conference. Lots of laughs and good panels, a few drinks in the bar at Bradley's. Fun to meet Marcus Sakey. Everybody bailed a little early on Sunday because of the snow, so I didn't hear who won the Lovey Awards, but I can't wait for next year.
The Loveys were given out Saturday night. Chercover won, as did Kent Krueger, and Lee... and I forget who else.

The hotel sucked. I mean, really bad. Rusty water in several rooms, broken window in mine, pproblems with the TV remote, just little motelish things. But that's why the cost of the con is lower than others.

Overall it was good. I'll return if they switch hotels.

And does anyone know what the heck the whole PLBW thing is???


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