If I could design a perfect writing space it would be a large table with my computer on it, my microwave, a little refridgerator, the coffeepot, the TV within eye range and a master volume control so that I could turn down the volume and just nod whenever anyone is talking to me or anything is talking AT me while I'm trying to think. Yummy snacks would be on a shelf within reach and my chair would be supremely comfy. Every book I needed to consult would be at my fingertips and the drafts and papers I just finished would be in order so that I could find them immediately before the thought passed.

What is your perfect writing space?

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What I have now is pretty close to perfect for me. A small room on the top floor of my townhouse with a window out to my postage stamp back yard and a wooded area beyond. Broadband connection, and all my books within easy reach, music if I want it. Plenty of white board space. (I'm thinking of painting the entry and closet doors with white board paint.) And a door I can shut when I really need to. Usually it's slightly ajar, so interruptions are discouraged, but not prohibited. Some open space on my desk to keep me from feeling cramped is also nice, but it's my fault it's often not available.
A smallish room. Good desk. Comfortable chair. Also a comfortable love seat for sitting and proofing. A radio and CDs are a must. And my computer MUST NOT have world of warcraft installed on it.

hah! thanks, daniel!
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! How could I forget THAT "necessity"?
Yup. The ultimate "guy" office.
Love it!
speechless. Oh, and don't fall in (if you get overworked)!
And if you run out of toilet paper, there're always those pesky first drafts ...
Or possibly in my case second drafts!
Oh, Daniel,
It's my turn to bring the educational piece to my critique group. I think I will be handing out copies of this pic with appropriate credits and a caption reading
"Just put the toilet paper and the sandwich in the pass-through and back away from the door."

This office just needs a sliding window connecting to an adjacent coffee shop and pizza parlor. Ahhhhh


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