Okay, so back in 2004 I checked out a book from my local public library. I read it and forgot about it and it became overdue. To cut it short, the book is still overdue. However, for some reason, the book is cataloged in the library's system as "Lost" rather instead of "Overdue", so rather than having to pay a daily-accumulating late fee, I instead have to pay a lost fee of $18.95, which is the cost of the book.

Now I don't really want the book, and it is in great condition, the same condition it was in when I checked it out. I want to return the book, but I also want to minimize the cost to me. So my question to you who are librarians or who have been librarians is what is likely to happen if I return the book?

Will they say that I don't have to pay the Lost fee since I'm returning the book and therefore it's not really lost, or will they say, oh, since it's not lost, it's overdue and now you have to pay $50 (for example) instead of $18.95, or will they say, great, thanks for returning the book, but you still have to pay the lost fee?

Because if I have to pay the lost fee even though I'm returning the book, maybe I won't return the book and just pay the lost fee. If I'm going to have to pay an Overdue fee instead, I'm definitely just going to keep the book. Now I know the moral or "right" thing to do would be to just turn myself in and let them do to me what they will, but I'm not interested in that, if I can be quite candid about it.

So to those in the know, if this happened at the library you work or worked at, what would happen?

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That's Fanny Brice as Baby Snooks, a character from a long-running radio show in the 1930's. Fanny Brice's life was the basis for the movie 'Funny Girl,' and her various shows/characters inspired a ton of other commediennes (think Gilda Radner & Lily Tomlin).

The hubster is a huge fan of OTR, and recognized her right away.
What's OTR?
Thanks, Angie! That's so cool to finally have some info about the picture.

John: Old Time Radio. a friend of mine is an OTR addict.
Old Time Radio--My local nonprofit FM station, KPIE-LP, plays OTR cassettes at 7:and 7:30 PM every evening and repeats the same two shows at 3:00 and 3:30 AM. Both libraries that I worked out had lots of OTR cassettes to check out--fun to listen to when doing dishes, cooking, walking, etc. I enjoy the Whistler ones as the advertisements have been left in. Gas was going for 35 cents a gallon, and the old
Bob Hope shows from the military bases where he played during the war are a piece of history.

OMG. that is bizarre. :O

and there goes this thread.

sorry, John D!! :D
Hmmmm. kinky. Did he like the coffee, or didn't he?


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