UNFAIR is a Japanese drama that came out in 2006 I believe. It is about a killer who reveals his next murder to the police through a serialized novel, with each new installment revealing through the story what the next murder will be. The main character, Natsumi, is a homicide detective in Tokyo, and predictably, she is trying to solve this case.

I present this show to you to give you a taste of a cop drama in a different style. Japanese dramas are in a different format than American dramas. It uses the mini series set up, where a series has a predetermined length (11 episodes in this case). The shows also have really good characterization, where the characters' interactions are more important than the plot. UNFAIR is a great show and I urge you all to give it a try. It will be refreshing.

You can watch it online here. It is Japanese with English subtitles. The quality is not the best, but is still watchable. You can download it elsewhere online, but with this site I linked to, you can watch it without having to download anything.

Watch the first episode anyway and let me know what you think about it. It won't disappoint.

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