Has anyone used LexisNexis either for their own research or had their sleuth use it? In particular, I am wondering if a PI in his second or third year would be able to afford the service and would it give him enough information to be worth the money.

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I used it in college for a paper, looking up cases. It's a great resource. You could always have your PI somehow get access to a password at a university and do the research in a computer lab.
I've used LexisNexis in doing research--my Los Angeles Public Library card entitles me to some of its resources, although I have to sometimes use the library's computer vs. access those databases from my home computer.
You could also have the PI work in conjunction, or be friendly with, an attorney. (I realize the phrase "be friendly with an attorney" is an oxymoron, but, after all, this is fiction.) The attorney would certainly have an account.
It may depend on the area of the country. I don't know any attorneys in our area that subscribe to it.

I suppose it depends on what he is using it for.

Our Law Library for the County has access. Attorneys, and anyone interested in Legal searches etc. have access from the library. For most local attorney's it isn't cost effective to use the system in their individual offices.

I would send your PI to either the public library (if the setting is a city or state that has access) or the local county law library. This librarian would thank you for reminding people how much is available in libraries.


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