I've been reading Pari's discussion about the dream conference, and it leads me neatly into something that's currently on my mind: Harrogate. On the plus side, it's just down the road. On the downside, I may well end up there on my own, at least at the start. So... never having been to one of these before, I'm after some advice. Is it a 'jolly' or is it worthwhile, careerwise? (Not that there's anything wrong with just having fun!) Is it advisable to attend the whole thing, or is there a 'best' day? Have you been? Are you going? What do you think?

I'll stop shining the light in your eyes now - interrogation over. All comments gratefully recieved, though.

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Yes, but just the cool kids Norby. ;)

Ken Bruen will be there.
I will be there too, but I'm not very cool :o) Actually, I'll probably be bloody freezing in Alaska...
It's only going to be September-you'll probably only freeze your knees off.
Yeah! Donna's going to Alaska!
Turnips, huh? Well, I am a vegetarian! Seriously, I intend to sort myself out for Harrogate just as soon as... it sounds like great fun. You planning on going to this one, John?
Good stuff - I'll stand you a pint (although by then a good night's sleep might be more welcome!) Big congrats to you and your missus on the wee sprog - hope all goes well.
Maybe recommend to take an extra liver with you, for all that "socialising" at the bar. Mind you, that's if they think you are worthy enough to be served. No seriously, the people that attend from writers, publishers, marketing and punters are all very friendly. And if you have the stamina, the all night drinking sessions are the place to be.

The banter at the quiz last year was great, wasn't it Mr Rankin?


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