I just saw this movie about "The true story of a heist gone wrong... in all the right ways." with my hubby. Excellent, excellent show! All kinds of twists and turns and shady dealings, and what's amazing is that it's all based on a true UK bank heist in the 70s that opened a nasty Pandora's box of safe deposit boxes and their sordid secrets.

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I saw this a few weeks ago at a preview showing and have been raving about it ever since. I loved it. I'm definitely going back to see it. And I would love to know exactly how much of it is true and who the characters are based on (the Royal is easy of course but the dodgy politicians etc must be a tad worried!) :o) I saw the radio ham guy interviewed on TV and he said that it's heavily fictionalised. I've also heard a bit of the tape of the robbers speaking which is fascinating (and exactly like the dialogue in the film)
Echoing the rest, this was such a pleasant surprise. A complicated tale told well. Great acting and no let up in pace. My favorite movie of 2008 thus far.
Not bad. I have been waiting for Saffron Burrows to become a big star, and she and Jason Statham might do it with this flick.
I think of this as a great B-movie, no insult intended. It is far better than the smaller, almost lifeless caper flick, Flawless, with Michael Caine and Demi Moore.
Of course, everyone should see Rififi and Pepe le Moke.


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