What was the first crime novel you ever read? AFTER Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys that is, when you were an adult!

I'm thinking too. And I realize that I mainly read horror until fairly recently! When I was a young teen I used to grab hold of my parent's Alfred Hitchcock Monthly Magazine. I loved it! But as for novels--I think the first crime novels I read were by Lawrence Sanders. Come on, tell me--so it'll refresh my memory!

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The first adult crime novel I ever read was A MOST CONTAGIOUS GAME by, I believe Samuel Grafton. I still remember parts of it vividly. I checked it out of the library the first time I was allowed into the adult stacks. Must have been pretty young.
woo! looks like my kind of book! I love books with covers like that! Like Hard Case crime novels. I bet you loved it. And I bet it shaped your reading? First impressions and all of that. Me, I remember noticing the books my Grandfather had on the night stand. My Gran worked out of the home a lot--away for days, and he loved to read. These books had an impression on me--I think they must have been Spillane novels, with blondes and tough guys on the cover. I was a little girl, but it planted a seed in my head I guess. You're good that you remember early on. I can't--except for possibly Hitchcock mystery magazine stories. thanks so much Bill!
Raymond Chandler, Farewell My Lovely. I still have the copy. It was an old, green Penguin paperback edition, yellowed and worn and I picked it up from an antique book fair. I must have been in my late teens, I think. And I never looked back.
I agree. It's one of my treasured books. I just get lost in it. It made a huge impression on me--talk about inspiration! thanks for that.


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