The last fiction book I read was Ray Banks' NO MORE HEROES. Loved it, but for some reason it's stopped me feeling enthusiasm for all the other books in my TBR pile. It's like I have a closet full of clothes but none of them look right on me. What will I wear?

If anyone has any suggestions to jolt me out of my reading funk, they would be much appreciated.

I have a feeling some crime fiction that leans towards horror or something left of center might be the ticket, but it has to be so good it'll make me stand up from the bench at the train station, gesticulate wildly and yell at any passerby that they have to read this book.

In the meantime, back to THE JOY OF MIXOLOGY.

EDIT: A double shot of FIGHT CLUB by Chuck Palahnuik and CAUGHT STEALING by Charlie Huston (yes, I'm reading them at the same time) seems to have reawakened my reading beast. Thanks for all the suggestions, I have a feeling I'll be tracking down most of them some time soon.

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I know how you're feeling. I have bouts where no matter how many books are on my TBR pile, I just can't find anything to read. The book that most recently "jolted" me was CHILD 44, by Tom Rob Smith. I was leary about reading it because of all the hype it received in Europe; but after reading Ali Karim's rave review, I decided to give it a go. Outstanding.

SNITCH JACKET, by Christopher Goffard might be offbeat enought to stir your juices, too. It also just happens to be an Edgar award nominee. Or, since violence doesn't bother you, THE FIGHTER, by Craig Davidson, set in the violent world of illegal bare-knuckle boxing, might be just the thing to kick your funk to the curb.
Yeah, when Ali came on here and raved I was tempted to get CHILD 44. Thanks for reminding me.
I know what you mean - that Ray - he's enough to put ANYONE off reading :o)

Well, you've probably read this already but it's an author I've been meaning to read for ages and just haven't got around to. And it's one of those books that makes me really happy because I think I've found an author who will be on my top 10 list if the book keeps on like this - it's Charlie Huston's CAUGHT STEALING. If you haven't read Al Guthrie's SAVAGE NIGHT or Christa Faust's MONEY SHOT then do so!

For off the wall, not quite horror have a look at David Bowker's RAWHEAD aka THE DEATH YOU DESERVE - really good fun. For something five miles BEYOND the wall how about Christopher Moore's LUST LIZARD OF MELANCHOLY COVE, ISLAND OF THE SEQUINEED LOVE NUN, or my favourite of his - LAMB: THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO CHRIST'S CHILDHOOD PAL BIFF. For dark and twisted - Warren Ellis' CROOKED LITTLE VEIN and for bizarre humour, try Mark Haskell Smith's MOIST.
Oh, Donna. Since Daniel mentioned horror, and you mentioned Charlie Huston, I immediately thought of his Joe Pitt series of urban vampyre novels set in Manhattan. Violent, dark and funny, ALREADY DEAD is the first in the series. Like you, I love Huston's Hank Thompson series too.
I have Huston's CAUGHT STEALING in the pile and I've read most of the Joe Pitt series, although I lent the latest to someone and haven't got it back yet.

Christopher Moore is one author I've come across a number of times and haven't read. I'll be sure to check him out, as well as some of these other suggestions.

Thanks Donna!
Have you read any TOM PICIRRILI?
No, but I must. I'm not sure how similar they are but I read some Joe R. Landsdale and loved it.

I'll add Tom to the list.
Daniel - have you tried Lansdale's crime AND horror? He's just brilliant at both. And I'm sure you've read Daniel Woodrell, but if not I'll throw his name into the hat - wonderful wonderful writer.
I've only read LOST ECHOES and that was great. I keep picking up Woodrell's WINTER'S BONE in bookstores and putting it back down. It's beautifully written, but I guess the milieu doesn't appeal to me.
Try some of Lansdale's horror stuff - his writing is very quirky. One of his shoort story collections would be good as you get a mixture there. I would say that his most warped and out there crime novel is FREEZER BURN, but all his stuff is wonderful. And don't let the milieu in Daniel Woodrell's books put you off. WINTER'S BONE is excellent. But you could also try THE DEATH OF SWEET MISTER or TOMATO RED.

Another author which m ight suit is Scott Phillips. THE ICE HARVEST is very good but my favourite of his is the historcal COTTONWOOD which is like...well, it's like Little Whore House On The Prairie :o)
Thanks for all these recommendations. I've heard of some before, but this is turning into quite a juicy list for my eyeballs.
I found COTTONWOOD fantastically funny in a snarly kind of way. It could get anyone out of a reading rut.


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