The last fiction book I read was Ray Banks' NO MORE HEROES. Loved it, but for some reason it's stopped me feeling enthusiasm for all the other books in my TBR pile. It's like I have a closet full of clothes but none of them look right on me. What will I wear?

If anyone has any suggestions to jolt me out of my reading funk, they would be much appreciated.

I have a feeling some crime fiction that leans towards horror or something left of center might be the ticket, but it has to be so good it'll make me stand up from the bench at the train station, gesticulate wildly and yell at any passerby that they have to read this book.

In the meantime, back to THE JOY OF MIXOLOGY.

EDIT: A double shot of FIGHT CLUB by Chuck Palahnuik and CAUGHT STEALING by Charlie Huston (yes, I'm reading them at the same time) seems to have reawakened my reading beast. Thanks for all the suggestions, I have a feeling I'll be tracking down most of them some time soon.

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I just read both HEAD GAMES and THE BLONDE in the past 2-3 weeks (and I wasn't even working from a "severed head" reading list!). I'm always reluctant to say I know what would "knock the socks off" anyone, but I can easily say either of these should knock out anyone's reading funk. Absolutely left of center, page-turning reads. Both of them, but especially THE BLONDE, grab you right from the start, so if you're feeling that reluctance to commit to any one read, you'll be 75 pages in before you even think about that again! And HEAD GAMES is one that, once you're reading it, you'll want everyone you know to read it too.
I know exactly what you mean. I just came off a two month 'meh' reading jag - lots of books (many highly rec'd) and none of them did a damn thing for me. The latest Joe Pitt finally got me going again. Otherwise, Jim Thompson rereads and anything by Bruen usually perk me up.
Well, I started CAUGHT STEALING last night and read about 20 pages. It pulled me in, but I have a strange feeling I might jump ship for some more Joe Pitt (as soon as I get it back).
All of Huston's stuff is good, but the Pitt books are my fave. And Half the Blood of Brooklyn is freakin' phenomenal. You might wanna nudge yer friend to hurry up and return it.
Loomis? That's a strange name. Sounds like he writes embroidery mysteries to me ...
"... these books..." - so is the next one coming out soon? I'm about halfway through HIGH SEASON, enjoying it a lot.
You might like Elizabeth Kostova's The Historian if you haven't read it. Well-reviewed, very suspenseful, leans toward horror.
I've looked at that and Dan Simmons' THE TERROR but have been put off by the length. I like my reads to usually be no more than 300 pages, but I'll go for any length if I'm in the mood for that particular book.
You might want to try a totally different genre for a while. Works for me. I'm currently reading Shane by Jack Schaefer, and it's actually quite good.


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