Am just an avid reader of crime fiction and have kept a card file of crime fiction I have read over 25 years. I read several every week and try to choose carefully.
I sure would enjoy sharing your favorite recommendations and adding to my list of to read books. I'd also like to share very best crime fiction lists.

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I recommend The Ghost War by Alex Berenson.
I agree, I recently read Ghost War, it was a real page turner.
Hi Don!
I wish I had been as diligent as you! I have just finished reading a book that I think was one of the best if not the best novels I have ever read. Although it might be a little on the edges of the crime fiction genre, I do want to mention it here. It's Night of the Hunter by Davis Grubb. It had been a bestseller I understand when it came out--mid 1950's. And yes, it's the novel that the film was based on. It is a great companion piece to the film.
I recommend it mainly because of the narrative power. It blew me away. I found it to be profound and eloquent in it's simplicity--in its pared down words. Few words--great power. An exciting story--but it's the WAY in which it is told.
I've already ordered another book by the author. He is overlooked and I have no idea why!
that's my recommendation for now. Hope I didn't write too much. I usually do, sorry!
Thanks Carol
I am thinking of a movie with Robert Mitchum in it. Maybe that was the title.
Do you have a list of favorites to share? I do.
Yes that is the name of the film too--but I loved the novel even more.

Favorites: I am Legend-Richard Mattheson
A Dance at the Slaughterhouse-Lawrence Block (Matt Scudder)
Cleo's Moon - Edward Wright
The Book of Lost Things- John Connolly
The Talented Mr. Ripley-Patricia Highsmith
Angel in Black - Max Allen Collins
Clandestine-Jame Ellroy and non fiction: My Dark Places
87 Precinct novels Ed McBain--
All Hard Case Crime Novels (just about all)!
and the great golden age classics of Chandler, Cain, Hammett--
Nifty photo.
If I may comment on your list. I've read amost all of Ed McBain and there are about six I think are excellent. I read six of Jas. Ellroy and enjoyed L.A. Confidential the most. Read nine of Max A. Collins and rate True Crime highest. I have read many of Pat Highsmith and she is one of my favorites. L. Block not one of my choices but thought 8 Million Ways to Die decent . Don't know E. Wright nor John Connolly but will add them to my potential list as well as the other titles mentioned. Thanks.
Thanks about the photo--alter ego!
Thank you for your comments. Just want to say that much of what I read--I do for background etc. for my writing (work in progress). John Connolly is very good--the book I mentioned though is unusual. It's an adult fairytale--very clever but perhaps an acquired taste.
Wright is excellent. Going to read L.A. Confidential now, I put it off far too long.
And thank You!
Don, do your "crime fiction" tastes include mystery? I woke up this morning thinking about characters and dialogue from Josephine Tey's BRAT FARRAR, decades after I last reread it. If that's not a measure of the novelist's art, I don't know what is. Liz
Yes they do, Elizabeth.
I liked BRAT FERRAR pretty well. I thought MISS PYM DISPOSES best of hers.
Do you have any other favorites?


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