I realize that there have been some attempts (a few more sucessful than others) to turn the comedic crime capers of Dortmunder and his crew into films. I've seen Robert Redford and Martin Lawrence both take a crack at playing John and - while they're both great in their own inimitable ways - I always had trouble seeing them as Dortmunder. Have there been other interpretations of the character that I'm unaware of that seemed to "fit" better? Or, if they were to try another go at Donald E. Westlakes loveable jinx, who would other fans like to see in the role?

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Wikipedia lists six film portrayals of John_Dortmunder. With no less that George C. Scott as one of the portrayors.
I'll have to check some of those out. I gotta admit, Christopher Lambert has a good look for the part, but that accent has GOT to go! I mean, really....


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