If you could be any character in a novel, who would you be?

I scare myself sometimes because I think I might be the errant, homicidal wife in Double Indemnity, plotting to kill her hubby for money. Don't judge--I had a crummy first marriage!
Or on the other hand, it might be fun to be some femme fatale that Phillip Marlowe gets mixed up with. Maybe Velma from Farewell My Lovely or perhaps Vivian Sternwood from the Big Sleep. Yes, my absolute favorites are in the golden age period.
But having said that, perhaps in more recent novels, I wouldn't mind being Jane Tennison in Prime Suspect, that tough as nails Senior Cop lady.
Anybody else have an ideas? Favorites?

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Some days I want to be Travis McGee, others I think maybe being Nero Wolfe wouldn't be so bad.
I like him! Yes can see that choice.
Me--I want to be a femme fatale from the golden age era mainly.
wonder why that is. alter ego trying to come out.
Thanks J.D. great answer.
btw, did you know that Rex Stout was a member of the Lizzie Borden Society?
Apprently he was issued a certificate in 1963, those folks believe in Miss LIzzie's innocence.
Oh well, great writer. far be it from me to judge!
I'd like to be Kinsey Millhone for a week or two, driving around in her old VW and solving crimes. I'd also like to chat with some of her eccentric characters. And speaking of homicidal wives and crummy first marriages, isn't it "satisfying" to make a former husband a murder victim in one of your books or someone who did you wrong? (Disguising them, of course, to avoid a lawsuit). I think the old addage that writers have to suffer in order to write convincingly is true. I'm convinced that anyone who has led a happy life can't possibly be an extraordinary novelist. Anyone disagree?
Jean I so agree with you!
When I think back to my early years--up till twenty or so, my life was fluffy!
Would you believe my Mother (who loved to make up stories for me) unfortunately was politically correct way before anyone thought of it! She used to CHANGE the fairytale so I "wouldn't get upset!" Cinderalla's step- sisters had a bad day, then they apologized! The Queen in Snow White really loved Snow White--but she was upset because her roses weren't doing well, or some such nonsense! Guess, that that did?!
I was not prepared for life! So what do I go? I go and marry Norman Bate's clone-(see fictional characters are sometimes real)! I do this after my father dies suddenly at 50 and my Mother is so distraught she takes the next 24 years to die!
Anyway, getting back to what you said, yes, suffering does broaden you with life experiences. When I think back to what I survived and what happened in those years afterard, I realize how much I learned, saw, etc. Not just pertaining to me--I saw loads of worlds within worlds. I got the broader picture.
Sure, we get to mow 'em down as we wish! is that great, or what? It has done wonders for my blood pressure.
Thanks for your reply--but what I particularly loved was your train of thought--which extended beyond your choice of character!
I would be Stephanie Plum by Janet Evanovich. I know it's not the hard core gum shoe that everyone loves but she makes me laugh. I enjoy the characters that make me laugh. I just hope that I would have more food in the house than Stephanie does. Kinsey Millhone is a good choice too. ;)
thank you. that shows you have a good sense of humor. Me, I'm still with the homicidal wife choice. hmmm!
I do like the homicidal wife idea...only I would laugh while doing it. LOL! My poor husband is already freaked out by all the books on homicides, poisons, etc. He calls them "How to kill off your husband!" books.
love that reply! your poor husband!
I've got books like that. but THIS one doesn't worry. the OTHER one (the first)--was verbally abusive--and well! that was when a little seed began to germinate. only now, I use it for written inspiration!
Don't think so, unless they know they might deserve it!
Long story--first marriage.
interesting! you never know! hmmm.
Libby! I'm speechless, your reply is too wonderful!
Great heroine choice.
I worked for some very wealthy women (rhymes with itches, only begins with "b")--very close to Devil Wears Prada, I was a personal private secretary to one of them (the worst of the lot) I swear to God! So I understand about the spa! Would have so LOVED an uzi! dat, dat, dat--wipe out! I think actually, to be honest--I did fantasize about blowing her away on more than one occasion!
Love your picture too here. And as for Clive Owen! well it's early here (8:30 am) and I'm already smiling!
thanks for a great reply!
Libby! I admire you! Good for you, fighting for what was right!
You know this helps me, and I bet it will help you too! I read that a certain percentage of the population are psychopathic (sociopathic)! I forget what the percentage was, but it's substantial.
Now, the article (by a Psychiatrist) went on to say that most of these people live law abiding lives for the most part. Of those, that do live within the law, I thought--they are bosses, teachers, politicians--I mean the possibilities are endless!
I remembered that boss of mine and I thought! Gadzooks! that was the answer!
She had no compassion (wasn't capable of it)--was ruthless, could be charming--etc.
Do you know, that I had taken the job after leaving my abusive alcholoic husband--and she was bullying me (knowing that) to the point where I had chest pains and at a quite a young age)!
yes, clearly--a psycho as I'm sure you very succinctly describe your former boss.
Glad they went under btw. This former boss of mine is too wealthy and in too much of a position of power to ever go under, unfortunately. But I believe in karma! what goes around....!


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