Serials, Why are they not published in more quantity?

I publish serials.

Simple state indeed.

People like coming back week after week, day after day to watch soaps, read series books, or even watch reality tv shows.

But serials, in fiction, are few and far between.

There are a few sites that do, and maybe a few print mags, but I ask you, why are they so few?


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Well, yes. It's nice going back to find out what happened to the characters next. In terms of mystery novels, we have the series. Unfortunately, the year that passes between installments makes readers forget what they wanted to read.
That is true.

I't's why I have serials posted monthly, and the writer has to have all installments completed before acceptance and payment, so I can publish the serial completely.

No other way made sense.
Yeah, I see what you mean. It was always strange to me that 'forcing' as someone once said to me, a reader to come back to read more sounds so wrong.

I don't know.


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