Any Philadelphia aficionados in the audience? I've got a wedding on the Jersey shore coming up and I'm thinking of heading down a day early to spend walking the streets of the City of Brotherly Love. I've heard--from a couple places--that there are some cool book stores/inspiring places for the crime writer (and yet I've never written a one of them down for future reference). Anyone have any suggestions?

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Center City's your best bet. Lots of tourist spots there. If you have the time, head down to South Philly for the Italian Market. And if you're feeling counter-culture, South Street is cool.
I haven't been to philly in years, however I have friends in Philly who love to talk about the food.

warning: Tomato sauce in Philly is called gravy esp. when it pertains to chicken dishes.

I guess their pizza and steak sandwiches are to die for.

There is also plenty of historical stuff to see. Depends on what you enjoy.

I hear also that there are hamburgers with Gold leaf in Philly... if you are willing to spend from $100 - $300 per/burger and fries!



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