I recently found my name on QDOS, the social graph that measures your online presence. Publishers and anyone else interested in how popular you are online can go there. You can also check out your standing against other writers and those in other professions such as athletes, politicians and actors.

I read about the site on another forum and was surprised to learn that the more popular you are, the lower your rating score. If you're not listed, you can type in your name and your current score will appear on your own page. The URL is: http://qdos.com/signin.

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Sounds interesting but they want too much information. Could generate a ton of spam.
I gave them my screen name that gets the most spam, just in case. :)
Interesting! I have googled myself before of course, but my name is so common--there is a Canadian jazz singer for instance, and a scientist. It's fun to do stuff like this though.


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