I would love to have suggestions on the best way to set up signings and appearances. I have a few thoughts on the subject, but would love to have plenty more.

Would it be bennificial to contact radio and tv stations, go to different book stores, other business, flea markets and so on?

Lee Martin
"Just Another Case"

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I used to work for an author promotion business. A packet with a sell sheet, book cover, review quotes ect. was emailed (or snail mailed) to the bookstore (or radio contact--whatever) then we followed up with a phone call. You know the sort of thing--"hey, did you receive the packet, what did you think?" Generally, you have to just gear yourself up to these things--or at least I do. I kept an access file(now way out of date--and I'm scrambling to fix that as I promote now) of names of contacts at bookstores and radio stations that were open to authors.
As to flea markets and the like--that depends on you. Some authors swear by craft fairs and flea markets and I know of one here on Crimespace who at least, used to do signings in his local grocery store. I have done a number of different things including Wyoming author's day (at the fair) and I have to say sales didn't support the effort for me. But then again, maybe people bought when they got home--who can say? I am always on the lookout for the state library conference and that sort of thing--I sell more and I always have brochures on my table about doing talks for the library--which means I sell again later. Oh, and I have done talks for retirement communities that have ended up with great sales.
Hello Christine,

Thank you for all the information. I will definately give some of them a try. I guess it's kind of hit and miss uh?

The way I figure it, I can't rely on just the publisher and Ingrams to help sell books, but I have to think of ways to help promote also, after all, it's money in my pocket when a book sells.

Again thank you for responding, your suggestions were quite helpful.

If you are writing a nonfiction book or a self help book, you are pretty much guarenteed air time on any talk radio station. they do not talk with any one who has written a fiction novel unless you are already estahblished as I found out. put together a press kit and tkae or send it to bookstores etc. after you have made an initial phone contact. some will be receptive, some not, capitalize on the receptive ones and it will help in the long run. my book, KARONTEON, is over 200 books sold in 1 1/2 years since it came out. but remember it is a lot of work.
Good Morning Dennis,

Thank you for your response. All the help I can get is much appreciated. I will take your advise and suggestions.

Thanks again
Lee Martin


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