Bugger the Bookers!
What about the Davitts?
I know; they're not American either..
But, what better place to announce the winners of the 2008 Davitt Awards for the BEST crime written by Australian women and published in 2007 than right here on Crimespace; a site launched and run by an Australian in Australia!
And the Davitts go to:
Best Adult Crime Novel: Frantic by Katherine Howell;
Best Young Adult Crime: The Night Has A Thousand Eyes by Mandy Sayer;
Best True Crime: Killing Jodie, how Australia's most elusive murderer was brought to justice by Janet Fife-Yeomans;
Readers Choice Davitt: Scarlet Stiletto the First Cut (ed. Lindy Cameron) - winning short stories from the annual Sisters in Crime Scarlet Stiletto crime and mystery competition.

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Hey, that's cheating, closing the discussion before anyone can reply, especially me!

Congrats, ladies, especially Katherine Howell, whose book FRANTIC is a damned fine piece of work.
Glad you opened it back up, Daniel. I was just going to say "Thank you" for posting the winners. Good for them, and the rest of us will keep a look-out for their books.
One question though: Is this a juried award, or did fans vote?
Didn't mean to close the discussion - it was my first post. It's amazing it worked at all.

The Best Adult Crime, Best True Crime and Best Young Adult were all 'juried' by a panel of judges. the Readers Choice was voted on by the 500-strong membership of Sisters in Crime Australia.
Thanks. That's good.


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