I'd be interested in how others handle fan mail and how much time it takes. Most fan mail is pleasant, but occasionally an obsessive fan can become intrusive.

Do any other writers get fan mail addressed to their (sleuth) characters rather than to the author? And if so, how do they handle this?

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My fan mail is addressed to me, the author. I answer all of it promptly. I even carry on e-mail exchanges. So far that has not been obtrusive. I'm too grateful to my fans to object to a little chitchat. There have been many days when they've cheered me up, confirmed my purpose, and proved that the novels do what they were intended to do. Fans are invaluable.
Thanks for your response. I agree that genuine fan mail should be answered,especially if from a young reader. And this can be a delight. However I'm talking about a barrage which borders on stalking.
Thanks for this I will check it out.
Hazel, I can hardly wait to face this problem! My first mystery came out in mid September. I envy you the issue! Ann Littlewood, NIGHT KILL
Some fan mail is a delight. I hope you receive many of those.


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