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HIGH SEASON by Jon Loomis. So far great characters and a great use of setting, Provincetown.
TRACES OF DREAMS, Tricia McGill, an award-winning family saga based on the author's family. Very strong on family ties. Reread.
HAPPY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX, for bedtime relaxation. Reread.
THE FALL OF ROME, Michael Curtis Ford, for comparison while reviewing another book set during the same time period. Ford writes extremely well.
Right now I am reading Barry Maitland, Brock and Kolla mysteries which I love. I found his old books online and bought them.
DIRK GENTLY'S HOLISTIC DETECTIVE AGENCY. I loved the Hitchhiker's Trilogy (all five of them) and am enjoying this story, too. Adams' quirky sense of humor and the surreal appeal to me.
I have just begun reading Harlem Redux by Persia Walker. It's marvelous. Well, as a transplanted Manhattanite (I live in England), I am devouring every word. It's an historical crime novel and thoroughly enjoyable. I love the narrative--a lot of the story is told by a maid in a Harlem household. I highly recommend it!
I've just finished Alex Palmer's The Tattooed Man which I thoroughly enjoyed. Much better than her first.

I'm about to start Unseen by Mari Jungstedt. I picked it up on a whim. She's Swedish. Anyone read her?
Unseen is one I read a while ago Jacqui - a little clunky in the early chapters but once it gets moving it's a very good book - very well done relationships / quite moving in places. Very interesting way of making you understand the perpetrator.

That comment about Alex Palmer's is very encouraging - I wasn't too keen on the first book, but I have got to get to the second.

(JF Michael Robotham's Shatter and just started The Adversary by Michael Walters - set in Mongolia)

Shatter was very good incidentally, and I'm enjoying The Adversary very much.
Thanks for that, Karen. I'll make sure I persevere. With Alex Palmer's first, I thought it was a little over the top. While this one's plot is certainly out there, it's far more believable.
I just finished reading I Am Legend by Richard Matheson. He had been my fav author when I was younger. that's what got me into horror/supernatural, etc. I read it because I had enjoyed the film based on the book, but then I was told: "don't even go there--read the book!" so I did. It was great. Fast moving, profound and exciting too. right now I am reading Lawrence sanders' novel, FIRST DEADLY SIN--I read it years ago. Lately, I am wanting to read novels published whenever--not just what's new. It gives me a greater overview of the crime genre (which I only got seriously into last year)!
I've flipped backwards in time this week too, I'm reading a John Saul ( read him years ago) It's The Devil's's good, but I can see why I moved forward, it's something that would have made me be wide eyed when I was young, looking around corners in the dark, but now, it's a little predicatable:) But it's good to go back, and either re-read, or find our old author's again. I for one, can read Rebecca over and over, for some crazy reason I can never totally recall the twist that occurs...wonder what THAT is???!!!;)
Rebecca! great book. she was so good. du Maurier. You know what else she wrote that I loved? The House on the strand. Loretta, if you like history, there is nothihng like this book in the world. I read it years ago--and was so captivated. as for remembering, sometimes during the commerical, I don't remember what I was watching! truth! uh oh....
You know, I read a lot of her works, but for the life of me I don't remember reading The House on the Strand. It's another one I'll have to pick up at the library....I am covered up with books under the bed!;) We're still in an apartment so only so much room to put everything:)


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