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That just won the Theakston Old Peculier Crime Wriitng Award at Harrogate btw Suzanne. Having read his latest, Blood Line, it's even better.
Jon Loomis, HIGH SEASON. A very smooth and enjoyable police procedural set in a small New England town full of crusty characters. The dialogue is frequently very funny, and the victims are suitably expendable.
I just finished Michael Kortya's The Silent Hour. I enjoyed the book and would love to see the house described in the book.
Just started Thomas (C.S.'s own Tom) Cooke's novel, Memoirs of a Bear and I'm finding it one of the most enjoyable books I've read in years!
It's fast, funny and intriguing.
Also, and I mean this, the narrative recalls to my mind my favorite golden age authors.
Love the writing, truly good with an interesting story.
I highly recommend it!
Peter Lovesey, THE VAULT. British police procedural. I don't know how to explain it, given the utmost respect that Lovesey enjoys as one of the great masters, but this book was/is lackluster. One just doesn't care that much about what happened or what will happen.
Recently finished Lennox by Craig Russell, Fear the Worst by Linwood Barclay, and Halfhead by Stuart MacBride (his futuristic thriller). Now reading The Crucifix Killer by Chris Carter, which is proving a little mediocre and disappointing thusfar. Looking forward to In the Blood by J.A. Kerley (formerly went by Jack Kerley for his fantastic debut The Hundredth Man and a couple after) next...
I'm about to start a catchup on the Davitt Award nominees as there are a few on the main list that I've not read yet - that will include Deep Night by Caroline Petit, Hotel of Secrets by T.J. Joyce, And Many Happy Returns by Helen Denkha and Fan Mail by P.D. James. In the meantime inhaled Burial by Neil Cross (loved his last - Natural History), and I'm currently reading The Tower by Michael Duffy (new book by one half of the publishing duo Duffy & Snellgrove).
Karen, I read Burial and just loved it - I'm now reading 'Hollowood Falls'. He's an interesting writers. See you at the Davitts!
Michael Connelly, THE SCARECROW. This book picks up the cast from THE POET. THE POET and THE SCARECROW are serial killer thrillers. I have to assume that THE POET was insanely successful for Connelly. Serial killer novels are, by definition, formula. But Michael Connelly is a good writer, so it doesn't grate overmuch. Of interest is his subject of the endangered newspaper industry.
PRENTICE ALVIN, 3rd in the Alvin Maker fantasy series set in colonial North America. This is as far as I've gotten in the series before, and this time I'm determined to get through it all. I loved SEVENTH SON, but the next two books take a considerably darker view of people.
I am reading an ARC of Vengence Road by Rick Mofina. There's a puzzle there that I haven't figured out yet and so far I love the book. Breathing Water by Tim Hallinan will be out next week I think and that is just a great book.
Just finished Spencer Quinn's "Dog On It." Light and avoided cuteness.


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