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Responding to the comment about Tey's BRAT FARRAR: This is one of my all-time favorite mysteries. In spite of the spoiler, I heartily recommend anyone who hasn't read it to find it and read it right away. It makes a great gift, too. The squire family of Latchetts stud farm is so likable in their kind, restrained Englishness. I couldn't guess how many times I've reread it.
Ditto. Tey's very good, indeed.
In spite of the spoiler,

Oops, that was my post---however, it's not really a "spoiler" because this is a fact revealed early on in the novel---Brat Farrar catches on as soon as he meets the "twin" of the young man he is impersonating. But it's the "how" of the murder that has to be unravelled. So fear not, anyone who has yet to read this---the suspense will grab you!
I'm reading Val McDermit's "A Place of Execution."
Am pleased that 21 or so of my books ae now on the Kindle library list. Another is on the Nook. Sales ae encouraging,
I think this is her best book.
Writing mysteries, so far a very, very good book! (It´s 4 am here, I´m sorry I can´t go more into detail why, haha)
"Cold Caller" by Jason Starr. I discovered him a few years ago with "Tough Luck" and then he fell off my radar. I love his white collar noir. "Tough Luck" was a fast, tight read and "Cold Caller" is shaping up the same way.
I have been involved in moving from Las Vegas to Tampa Bay for the last several weeks. With this distraction I attempted to read "Ian McEwan's Solar" and found it difficult. An uninteresting protagonist wades through five wives and untold lovers to steal a dead under professor's ideas on solar energy. Although McEwan can write, Enduring Love 1997, this was far from expectation.
I can't take Ian McEwan.
I'm a McEwan fan as well. If you like a darker world-view: The Cement Garden
If ATONEMENT starts with a funeral, I've sampled it. I like Rose Tremain and Hillary Mantel. Rose Tremain's latest, TRESPASS, is excellent. I also like some of John Banville's books, but primarily for his style.
If ATONEMENT starts with a funeral,

That's "Amsterdam," I believe. I go back and forth on McEwan. Didn't really care for "Amsterdam," did like "Atonement." More because it was really about fiction---making fiction into truth. "Enduring Love" was strange. "Saturday" was quite suspenseful, though I would not call it a thriller. "The Innocent" comes a bit closer. For novels of psychological suspense I still prefer Ruth Rendell/Barbara Vine. :)


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