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Karen, i had a look at that robin adair book last week at the book shop. any good?
Jacqui - the first one was really enjoyable - I've just started this one and so far (well 20 or so pages) so good :)  They have a mixture of fictional and real-life characters from the early days of Sydney though, so if you don't like that sort of thing...
no, quite happy to read that sort of crime. might have to read the first was on sale at dymocks last week.
I think reading the first one is probably not a bad idea - they would work as standalones but a lot of the explanation of Dunne as a Patterer is in the first one - and that's fascinating :)

Going to read Forgotten Man by Robert Crais once I finish Five Greatest Warriors by Matthew Reilly.


Anyone read any Crais? I've heard good things, but I've only just snaffled some books by him and Lehane. IJ I see you just read Moonlight Mile, I've got that arriving soon. Is it a good representation of Lehane's work?

Hey Tim,

I'm a big fan of Robert Crais. I've read all of his novels and enjoyed every one. If I may suggest, and if you have them, start with LA Requiem, then read the Last Detective and the Forgotten Man. Though they are self-contained stories and you lose nothing reading them out of order, these three do have a linked 'feel' to them. I've really enjoyed them all.

Have fun,

David DeLee

Fatal Destiny - a Grace deHaviland novel

Tim, as you note, I'm not a big fan.  I keep looking for something more than I'm getting. I have only read the three books. For SHUTTER ISLAND I'm probably in a tiny minority for not liking it much. I liked MOONLIGHT MILE a bit better.  For that matter, I don't like Crais at all.  Again, I'm in the minority. For what it's worth.

I like Lehane's earlier books, before SHUTTER ISLAND.  They're nice, little detective stories.

MYSTIC RIVER is very good.  After SHUTTER ISLAND, he started taking himself VERY seriously.

I can't remember the name of his loooong and heavy book, not good.  I was happy when I heard that MOONLIGHT MILE went back to his old characters.  I didn't like MOONLIGHT MILE very much; I'm not sure why.  The main character just wasn't as likable as he used to be.  Or maybe I've changed!

Read the early ones; they're fine.

I just started "The Axeman's Jazz" by Julie Smith. She is a new author to me but my sister loved her books.

Have a good day everyone and happy reading.



I'm reading Bill Cameron's County Line.  I really like his books.  I haven't read Day One yet but I do have the book.  I"m reading a little out of order.
The Problem With Pain by CS Lewis


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