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I had the same reaction years ago when reading Grafton's A is for Alibi. Just couldn't relate to the main character. Never read any of the others in the series.

For humorous PI novels you might try Robert Crais's novels, featuring Elvis Cole. Of course, all humor is subjective, and your mileage may vary. :)

Ah, yes.  Just tossed a Crais novel after the first few pages.  Couldn't take the clicheed beginning: P.I. in run-down office when beautiful client walks in. In this case, the office is furnished with Mickey Mouse clocks and lots of other kitschy items.  Didn't make me smile at all.

Choke Hold by Christa Faust. Fast paced, quick read. Very entertaining. Strong voice. I liked this hard boiled noir novel more than the first Fringe novel she wrote. 

JF Gentlemen Formerly Dressed by Sulari Gentill and I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes. About to finish When the Devil Drives by Christopher Brookmyre and then it's onto Bitter Wash Road by Garry Disher

Ian Rankin, Tooth and Nail.  It's a good mystery, even if it is a serial killer novel with some of the weaknesses of such. Good writers can get by with them.

New here, and first post (so be gentle).  Just finished 'Cross and Burn' by Val McDermid and was disappointed.  Andrea Camilleri's 'The Treasure Hunt' is excellent, but Donna Leon's 'The Golden Egg' is exquisite - one of her very best.  Just about to start Donna Tartt's 'The Goldfinch', which has definite crime fiction potential.

Hi Mark -and welcome. I've heard a lot of people saying they have been disappointed in Cross and Burn which is slightly worrying as it's on my review pile :) Sounds very positive about the rest of them though - love Andrea Camilleri's series in particular.

I'm reading THE TREASURE HUNT. It's hilarious! Camilleri is one of the few authors I buy the moment their new book comes out.

DEAD BEAT by Jim Butcher, a Dresden File book and short stories here and there from THE BEST AMERICAN MYSTERY STORIES edited by Otto Penzler and this year, Lisa Scottoline.

Michael Connelly, BLOODWORK,  This is one of his thrillers and marred by the weaknesses of thrillers.  It has struck me for the first time that Connelly's Characters have no personalities.  They are types, and rather bland types at that.

Jussi Adler-Olsen, "A Conspiracy of Faith".

Scandinavian crime fiction at it's best.

Well, I've just finished 'The Goldfinch' by Donna Tartt.  There's crime at the heart of the novel, but that's no reason to plough through 700+ pages.  It's like listening to a symphony when the conductor has put all the energy into the final movement.  Now to see what the new Ian Rankin/Rebus novel is like.


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