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Great to hear your enthusiasm for Robert Crais' Suspect. I loved the book, too. Haven't gotten to Promise yet. Also, I second your praise of John Sandford's Gathering Prey. He's another of my favorite authors, and I agree that his use of Letty in this one is excellent. Love the entire Prey series

Love Story, With Murders, then second in a series by Harry Bingham. British, female police detective with an unusual mental condition which gives her some sort of empathy. With the dead. It's really not as weird as it sounds. Author writes well.

Reed Farrel Coleman's Soul Patch, one of the Moe Prager series.

Halfway into one from 1951, Naked Villainy by Carl G. Hodges. One of the suspects is a mystery writer, so the detective attends a meeting of the MWA! Current president is Bill Brannon, a Chicago-based journalist who wrote the biography of "Yellow Kid Weir." All true except Brannon was never president of the organization. Also in attendance are Milton Ozaki, Allen Pruit and Paul Fairman, all real mystery authors of the era and Hodges even mentions several of their novels and Ozaki's pseudonym Robert O. Saber.

I was already enjoying the story, but this little "easter egg" sure adds an exciting extra touch to the proceedings!

My error, Bill Brannon may well have been President of the midwest chapter at that time.

Jean Bedford's Anna Southwood series (originally published mid 1990's) has been re-released as ebooks so I'm reading Signs of Murder again and then will work my way through the other 2 when I can, as well as a new standalone Worse Than Death. After that probably Ghost Girls by Cath Ferla (debut novel). In between I'm dipping into and out of Crime Scenes - an anthology edited by Zane Lovitt.

Forgotten Soldier_ A Pike Logan Thriller - Brad Taylor

All Brad Taylor's books, although labeled fiction have factual/real weapons plus actual locations in his writings

Finished this recently, one of the best books I've read for a long time.

Missing children in the Falkland Islands.

Little Black Lies by Sharon Bolton.

"The Samaritan" received a Pulitzer last month and deserved it.
"Into Oblivion" by Arnaldur Indridason, another prequel about Erlendur as a new detective.
Latest Ian Rankin, which I bought as a used book and is signed by the author!

Books of once popular writer Gerald A Browne have recently become available in ebook format; well written thrillers usually involving diamonds or other precious stones and the "perfect crime" they are well worth rediscovering.

I'm working my way through them again and just finished 11Harrowhouse.

Just finished the five books of Friedrich Glauser, a German writer from the thirties. The German mystery prize is named after him. Has a great ability to define characters in just a few words. Try the first, "Fever."

I just finished The Cairo Affair, by Olen Steinhauer. Fantastic novel of espionage and intrigue, set in present day Middle East. I highly recommend it


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