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Michael Connelly, THE DROP.  This Bosch novel is quite good, better than most of the others, I think.  In any case, I can recommend it.

I also just finished 'The Drop'. -Particularly good, as Harry gets to confront (and beat ) some of his old nemesii.  - I like the way Harry has come to terms with his daughter's ambitions. -I can see the possible foundations being laid for a new series ! 

I've just got 'Heaven's Gate' - the latest in the Cork O'Connor series. This is about a part Ojibwe man who has twice been the local sheriff, and now is a PI and a burger haven owner.

(pity I have to finish making my new hallway and kitchen floor this weekend, won't get much reading in - but my wife will be happy !)

Well,  this week i picked 'Private' by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro. -I've previously read most of his Alex Cross novels and found them quite entertaining. - NOT so with Private and I'm not really sure why, but the style and writing was almost simplistic compared to his earlier  single written novels - I had to leave it halfway through the second chapter  - 'nuff said' ~

-So no more Patterson/whomever collaborations for me -life is too short for dull books !

On the other hand I REALLY enjoyed my other choice, 'Soft Target' by Stephen Hunter (of 'Bob the Nailer' fame ) Now this book has a real edge, -grittily realistic, and the premise is very scary ! - This whole scenario is a  very worrying one for anybody who knows the terrorist mindset.  -Couldn't put it down - done in a day and a half !

- (and BTW, the hardwood flooring is done, and wife suitably ecstatic )

- -I forgot to mention 'Heaven's Keep'  (my mistake in title last time)- a great story, very typical of this writer, William Kent Krueger, - NOT a happy ending - but very true to modern life.  -I'm very much looking forward to his next, 'Vermilion Drift !

Ahh, good. I have it sitting on my shelf to read.

Someone commented, and I agree with them, that Connelly has the odd bad edition in his Bosch series. The good ones are terrific, the bad ones plod and feel like he had a deadline.

:)  I bet he did.  Publishers are frequently responsible for mediocre books from good authors.

I've been reading Brent Weeks' Night Angel series, very good.

I've just started Cut and Run by Matt Hilton. Enjoying so far.

I'm currently reading "The Royal Wulff Murders" by Keith McCafferty. He's a local writer and this is his first novel. So far it's going pretty good. I'm also reading "Dare to Die" by Carolyn Hart on my Kindle. 

Hope everyone is having a good day.

Happy reading!


Having just finished The Wreckage by Michael Robotham (I know I know... behind as usual) I'm currently reading a debut by local (and this time really local aka Central Goldfields local) author Annie Hauxwell - In Her Blood, set in London, in the Financial World.  After that I'm sorely tempted by Zero Hour in Phnom Penh by Christopher G Moore.

Hi Karen,   - I've read 'Wreckage' recently too and liked it very much. -I particularly like Vincent Ruiz - a very well drawn character.  I would definitely recommend this book .

Thanks Charlie - I agree on Ruiz - somehow I prefer him to O'Loughlin. I've read all of Robotham's series now - The Wreckage is definitely an improvement on the last book.....

You may also like Mark Billingham's books featuring DI Tom Thorne - another rebel.

I do indeed! :)


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