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Just read the first two James Oswald novels.  Thought the first was poorly written despite a decent plot.  The second was a vast improvement but derivative.  There being a (possibly) supernatural plot, I was wondering what you all thought about crime/horror crossover. 

I like my crime unsupernatural.

I'll tolerate a little horror in science fiction but Stephen King's The Stand would be about the max there.

Reading Worst Enemies by Dana King. It's a bit pulpy, a bit noir-y, gets on with the story and kept me up until I couldn't keep my eyes open last night. Recommended :)

Cotterill's THE WOMAN WHO WOULDN'T DIE (?).  I like Cotterill but am not very happy with the spirit world. Mind you, it fits his world, but it gets too much for me. The characters are great.

(Oh, and it's a big-publisher book with typos--as in "he walked passed").  :)

Just been on a Stuart MacBride binge.  Hugely entertaining and gruesomely preposterous plots based in Aberdeen. He manages to combine a sense of the humdrum with a love of grand guignol that makes his novels addictively readable despite their utter implausibility.  Logan McRae is an antihero for our time.  Highly recommended. 

But don't quote me on that.

I agree.  I think he's toned down the gore a bit from the abattoir novels. I'm very happy about that.  The rest of the books are very good indeed.

Indeed, McBride is one of the best crime writers around, and who could not love DCI Steel?

Couldn't agree more :) Very big fan of Mr MacBride's books

If I could be excused a little off topic venture... who would you choose to play DCI Steel in a movie?

Oh dear - no idea. I'm utterly movie illiterate :)

Kathy Burke.

I recently read Stuart MacBride's first book, Cold Granite. It was being given away free to promote his latest book. I read it over a few days. Couldn't put it down! Can't wait to read the rest, either. Especially loved the character of D.I. Insch. 


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