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Good to hear I wasn't alone in this. This was also the first Steinhauer to be translated in Finnish (probably due to the forth-coming film), which makes the book even more isolated.
Finally reading Clancy's DEAD OR ALIVE  100 pages in- it's pretty good
Michael Connelly's The Fifth Witness. Before that i was reading John Grisham's new novel, The Confession. I read it in 3 days. I just couldn't put it down. Both authors are favorites of mine.
that's good news. the fifth witness is on my TBR stack.
Andrea Camilleri  THE TRACK OF SAND.  I love Camilleri.  His books are entirely character-driven. I read them for his Inspector Montalbano, whose lady loves and wonderful Sicilian dinners overshadow even the competent plot handling.
Just finished PM Newton's The School School which I just loved. And have started Katherine Howell's Violent Exposure.

It's been "one of those months" - so I've returned to a favourite old series because I was looking for something engaging, quick and different.  Garry Disher's Wyatt is such a refreshing character - a thief, professional, ruthless, dangerous and absolutely captivating.  So PayDirt - originally published in 1992.

Even given the age, the lack of mobile telephones, gadgets and gizmos really isn't all that obvious - and boy did this gallop along.  Perfect.


Gary Disher - i've always had a tiny bit of a crush om him. 

Me too ... and at the last C&J Festival - when he confessed he was most definitely not a SNAG and renowned for disapproving of his wife and daughter's shopping habits - well grumpy old men can still be crush material :) :) :)


I'm reading Steve Hamilton's The Lock Artist.  I've never read anything else by Hamilton, so I kept an open mind when I cracked open the book.  So far, I've been unable to put it down.  Feels like reading Huck Finn on steroids, with a "Boxman," a mute safe cracker, essentially, who gets into all kinds of scrapes, while unlocking (ha!) his inner self. 
"The Remains," by Vincent Zandri. Hell. Uv. A. Great book.
Currently reading Jeffrey Deaver's EDGE. I don't care for his Lincoln Rhyme series, but usually enjoy his stand-alones. However, although the action is frantic and frenetic, I'm having trouble relating to his protagonist, tasked with protecting a cop and his family from someone who wants them dead.


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