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Interesting comments.
I'm reading The Dark Horse by Craig Johnson.  I love the idea that there is still a wild, untamed west in this country with varmints and villains and lawbreakers and lawmakers.
LOL, you should try the dark side of Indianapolis!
Just finished Prime Cut by Alan Carter which was really very good - now Truth Lies Bleeding by Tony Black
Just finished Stephen Booth BLACK DOG.  I liked this police procedural quite well, occasionally extremely well. The reason is the way Booth deals with his characters' private lives to let us understand them. I particularly liked his 3 old men. 
I'm currently reading Fever by Friedrich Glauser (a writer tagged as the Swiss Simenon). I'm enjoying it, but I don't personally see the Simenon connection – Glauser's style is more digressive and less direct. After I've finished this I plan to read Georges Simenon's The Strangers In The House and then I've got Philip Kerr's Berlin Noir Trilogy in my sights.

I've been reading SACRED GAMES by Vikram Chandra--a crime epic set in India, spanning decades, with a huge cast of characters, etc. etc. It's difficult reading in that there're a slew of terms left untranslated in dialogue (though there's a glossary in the back), and the story structure is quite demanding in its very wide-lens approach, but it's great reading when I need an escape and have the mental energy for it. Definitely one of the more ambitious crime novels I've read recently. Not sure if I'll ever manage to FINISH it, though--it's about 1000 pages...


Anyone tackle it?

No.  Sounds good.
Sounds like a Stephen King novel at that size. Can't say that I've read it in any case. I've just stared reading Sean Chercover's TRIGGER CITY, his second after BIG CITY, BAD BLOOD, which I enjoyed a lot. It's PI noir set in Chicago.

David DeLee
Chercover is excellent.
Recently relaxing with a number of P.G. Wodehouse works (while researching a potential project on Winston Churchill)  and now thoroughly enjoying Robert Graves's "Good-bye to All That."
Tony Kenrick's CHINA WHITE from the early eighties. Seems pretty good so far. Hardboiled adventure thriller.


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