You've just killed victim #6 with a garden weasel. But before you can crack open that Miller for a job well done, you've got to hide the body. Not too well, of course. After all, somebody's got to find it, right? Maybe the dog, or the Vicar, or that wino down on 17th who nobody believes.

And with so many options, how do you choose? Shallow grave, dismemberment, feed it to a hungry soccer team trapped in the Andes? Of course, if you're stumped, you could always try turning to real life.

Back in November, in Los Angeles, a man and a woman were convicted of murdering the woman's husband by sealing him in a steel drum and filling it with acid. Messy, but effective. If you like soup.

And we've had our share of headless, dismembered bodies out here, too. Stuffed into shopping carts, crammed into dumpsters. Bodies are routinely dropped on the freeway in the middle of the night. Or in a shallow ditch in Griffith Park. Lots of possibilities all around you.

My favorite's from "The Trouble With Harry". That boy shows up everywhere. Sometimes the best place is right in front of everyone. "Weekend At Bernie's" anyone?

What's your favorite? What's the most memorable place you've dropped a corpse?

In your story, I mean.

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I have not had the pleasure of viewing Deadwood, but the head scenario rings a bell.
Wasn't there a western film from the 50s/60's that included a whacko soldier with an Indian head in his packsack? How the West Was Won, maybe? All I remember is it creeped me out when I was a kid. Now I can read about all that stuff and not turn a hair.
You haven't seen Deadwood? It's fantastic-you're missing a great show!!
I was expecting something different from World War Z, not so much of the government stuff, maybe more of a novel even, but I still enjoyed it. What's great is that the books take everything so seriously and of course it's hard to read it that way.
I just read that scene. Very gross and funny. I'm loving this book!
I admire you attention to detail, Patti. Might I also suggest some additional well placed receipts, like for rope, and duct tape. And if you can get witnesses to their fights, so much the better. And whenever you, I mean, your protagonist, goes to the storage unit, make sure she's wearing men's clothes, possibly bulked up with several layers, to look like her employer. They have security cameras there, don'tcha know.
I've always wanted to have someone compacted into a brick and used as a cornerstone for a building.

Actually, that's exactly how I want to go.
Ah, yes, the Eating Raoul method of body disposal.

"Amazing what you can do with such a cheap cut of meat."
Sounds like you know of which you speak. Don't worry, we won't tell. For the right price of course.


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