I just followed the NoirCon link from Sarah's blog. What do you all think? Who's doing both? Who's doing just one? Is NoirCon likely to attract fewer people (a bonus in my mind)? Anyone have more details?

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Hell, I want to go to everything, but my wife is only agreeing on one (and since her best friend lives in Baltimore), I think I'm only going to B'con. However, if I can somehow manage it, I'd really like to check Noircon out - so it's up in the air for me right now. If I can find cheap airfare...
I definitely need more information about NoirCon to even have a discussion about it. They emailed Spinetingler about it, so I'm half tempted to do an event promo piece, but we'll see about that.

I'm still maintaining that B'con 2008 will be insane, because there are so many people who aren't planning on Alaska who definitely want to go to Baltimore, and it's as though people are even more determined about making it since they'll miss B'con this year. I'm not making any final decisions about anything, although I've been leaning toward no cons in 2008, except one possible fulfillment of a promise, but that's contingent on that person attending...
ooh, interesting.

I'm planning on LCC and B'Con in 2008, but NoirCon might be a good fit since it's relatively near and I've wanted to go to Philly. Haven't been since the 4th grade. Also, where's ThrillerFest in '08?
If I get a contract this year, I'm going to as many as possible. But Alaska. What are the numbers going this year to that one? Nice idea but wise choice? I don't think so. How about San Diego or L.A., people!
I am pretty sure I am skipping B'con this year. It will be the first I have missed since I started attending (Philly was my first).

Airfare is too expensive and I can thnk of other things I could spend the money on. Maybe I will take a trip to keep Jon company while Ruth is away.
LCC 2009 is in Hawaii and is running Sun to Wed I believe it is...

Ah yes, to quote: Programming will begin on Sunday (the 8th of March) around 1 p.m.
with an early evening Opening Ceremony of Welcome -- Aloha.
Programming will have full days on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday,
with a Wednesday AM brunch and award ceremony, followed by
programming until approximately 4:30 PM. The remaining days of the
week will be for other pleasures and Island travel or just
"beaching". Hotel rates will be maintained for three days before and
three days after the dates of the actual convention.
While I may go to Noircon, B'con 2008 is a must attend. Ruth Jordan will be pulling out all stops to make it the best. Ruth and Jon played a big part in making Madison a success. They lent a hand in the final hour to prevent disaster.
Well, Madison sure as hell kicked ass. Especially the Crimespree party.
More details will be available soon!
Please keep us posted, Lou! I see you are a new member - there is an "Events" section specifically for news about events like NoirCon. Looking forward to details!
I am a college teacher in Florida, so flying to Alaska for a weekend during the school year is pretty much out of the question for me. I have already made my reservation for Bouchercon in Baltimore, and this year I'm going to Malice and then hopefully the New England Crime Bake in Boston. I think Sandra's right; B'con in Baltimore will get a big spill over from all the east coast folks who can't make it to Alaska.


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