You can never have enough friends. But what are they for? Some people here seem to have more friends then Crimespace members exist. Like collecting stamps - Wow, got a Laura Lippman! Any Ken Bruen? We have the nets, but no fishes in it. So what's to do? As for me, I plan to establish a column for my friends (and all the others who might be interested in) about "The Not-Published-Yets": English writing authors not published yet here in Germany although they are worth to become translated and German authors who have something to say to not German speaking readers all over the world (yes, they exist! A few but...) A what-happens-on-the-other-side-of-the-ocean-thing. Need some time... Any other ideas?

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Will be very intersted in reading your novel when it is published. Do you have an a Sioux advisor to help you along?
If I understood correctly, you have not yet attended a pow wow, a Wacipi? Do so by all means. Not something to be missed. The samller ones are better, IMO. More of a sense of community.
I don't know of many German authors who have been translated into English Dieter.
My German is virtually non-existent. Can you suggest some good authors to look out for?
Some that might interest you
A. J. Hartley, The Mask of Atreus
Faye Kellerman, Straight into Darkness
Craig Russell, Brother Grimm

Hi Kerrie,

that's the problem: Most of the good contempory German authors aren't translated yet. I think Frank Schätzing (The Swarm. A Novel of the Deep) could be interesting to you. "More gripping than Crichton, classier than Cussler, Frank Schatzing's record-breaking ecological thriller is here. After dominating the German bestseller lists for over 12 months "The Swarm" is about to make waves across the world." - Faye Kellerman and Craig Russell are well known here, A.J. Hartley on my radar now.

Having just finished Ice Moon by Jan Costin Wagner I'm keenly keeping an eye out for German authors so can I be your friend Dieter :)
Of course you can...look at your page...
Thank you :) I do hope that there are more German authors translated - I really like to see the genre from European eyes.
I just started "The Crime Fiction Exchange Market" on my page, part one: America gives us Naomi Hirahara, we give America Astrid Paprotta. A fair trade...
How long do we have to keep Astrid?
When can we get Naomi back?
(please laugh at my attempted humor!)
As long as you like, Newt! And believe me: It will be a very long time...
Laura Lippman is here? Where? Where?
Don't collect friends but wil gush for my fav authors.
And at my age too. Maybe one of these days I will consider acting it.


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