I really really really really really really need that book because....

Okay I really don't care why people can't get that a Mt TBR of less than 200 books is a cause for panic. What would happen if the roads were all blocked for some reason! There's always a chance you could get snowed in, even in Australia, and what would you do if you had 2 weeks with insufficient books to read. But I also like a classy excuse.

I need to buy this book because:

- I'm worried about the general downturn in publishing.

- If I stop buying them, they might stop printing them.

- I'm doing a scientific study on the amount of bound paper sheets that can fit into a single abode before it sinks into the earth

- I've heard that there are subliminal messages in later day crime fiction, causing people to crave more chocolate and I'm on the task force trying to identify the culprits.

Come on, this is a public service everyone, add to our welter of excuses.

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We might have another snow storm in April, and I just have to stay inside and read. Like today. Poor me.
- It's illegal to steal crates from milk companies and I need something to prop up my furniture.

- What if they stop making three-ply toilet paper?

- Books: a new style air freshener. I love the smell and I know you will too.

and the most honest one yet:

- I'm not in the mood to read any of the books I already have.
Do I ever know that one. Nothing, absolutely none of the books that are in every room of the house (and I mean every room) are calling to me now.
It's the equivalent of saying, "but I have NOTHING to wear!"

Always cracks me up, that one.
Great excuse for staying in and reading that new book, though. But be honest, Daniel: does my thumb look big in this?
Nothing wrong with your thumb, Julie. I'm sure you have a damned fine set of digits.
Phew - thanks mate, that's a relief! Just the size of my arse to worry about then. That'll be down to all the time I sit on it reading books and messing on Crimespace...
I might break my leg, and end up in hospital in traction for months.

It's my duty to the environment. If I don't buy it, it'll end up remaindered, and then it will just go into land fill, and think how the tree that gave up it's life so that book could live would feel.

I need it to complete the set, they're worth so much more that way, you know.

I want it.
I'd love to come up with some witty, useful excuse, but the fact is I generally really need that book because it's like an itch inside my head that can only be relieved by acquiring the damn thing. And if it languishes on Mt TBR for an age after I've got it, well that just happens sometimes. Once it's mine, I can settle until the next book needs buying.
I know it will go out of print if I wait to buy it until I have time to read it.
Because I feel naked without at least 3 books in my purse, a half dozen in the car and piles in every room.

I hypervenilate if I cannot dig through the remaindered pile at Barnes and Noble at least once a month.

I feel like a pirate looking at his chest everytime I visit my cabin-library.

I am a hopeless addict and I have failed every book-junkie 12 step program available.

AND there is another freaking blizzard about to hit there hills this weekend. As a former Girl Scout, I must be prepared!!!!!
Well I just know that I am helping the GNP for Canada...ya that's it...at least my husband says it is so and being a proud Canuck I am pleased to be doing my share....I try to help the US out also by doing that cross border shopping thing.


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