Was of course saddened by Kurt Vonnegut's passing, although he had a good innings. Liked the man and what he represented, although never a great fan of the books in all honesty: too much flippancy and disregard for reality (and I say that as a lover of SF and fantasy...). Have a blog entry going up at the Guardian next week to that effect, together with a rather amusing anecdote about my first encounter with him. The Guardian guys expect much controversy and vitriol when it appears. Well, so it goes... But shocked today to hear of the death of Jill McGown. A lovely lady, and remarkable author of solidly reliable crime books. She didn't enjoy the same span as Vonnegut. Alas.... Time goes on.

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One of the things I liked about Vonnegut as the celebrity (yes, I know that's relative) was his complete lack of pretense. At least he appeared that way to me.

Though he was no longer writing, I wanted his askew view of the Anna Nicole Smith idiocy and our odd world. I'm sad he's not around to scoff.

I've never read Jill McGown. She's going on my list today.

This has been a helluva week for the literary world.
Looking forward to your blog entry :)
Didn't know about Jill McGown :(


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