I'm just writing out my wish list for himself to take to San Francisco (in case he gets an hour's shopping time outside the conference he's headed to) and I'm stressing if he sees anything with Bitter Lemon Press on the spine to grab it - no questions / no consultation - just grab it. (Last year he came home saying he'd seen an entire SHELF'S worth and didn't want to wake me to check what I already owned - I hyperventilated for an hour!)

I know if I've already got it I can find a happy home for it amongst other Australian readers.

Then I realised I have much the same reaction to Australia's Text Publishing's crime list - which is fabulous.

Does anybody have any other favourite imprints / presses / publishers that they are automatically drawn to?

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I'm a fan of hardboiled novels and I love what Dennis McMillan is doing. Apart from the current stuff which has all been wonderful, I'm a Fredric Brown fan (a Fredophile???) and am slowly collecting the set of McMillan short story releases (some saving is still required for SEX LIFE ON THE PLANET MARS). I'm halfway there.

I also have an ongoing subscription with Crippen & Landru as they are doing a fantastic job of producing excellent reprints of short story collections from both the past and present, many of which would have been lost forever.

Oh, and speaking of reprints, I should also mention the good folks at Hard Case Crime -- a worthwhile undertaking that has enjoyed deserved success (well done Charles and Max).
I love Bitter Lemon too Karen. My other favourites are:
Busted Flush, PointBlank, Hard Case Crime in the US
Polygon, No Exit, Serpent's Tail, Canongate in the UK
And I really really miss UglyTown :o(


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