Spring has sprung for the week of Mystery Writers of America's big awards banquet and associated events, including MWA's one-day Symposium and Agents & Editors cocktail party and the unofficial but highly popular party at Black Orchid, a bookstore so small that the festivities take place mostly on the stoop. I jogged through a deliriously beautiful Central Park yesterday--magnolias and early ornamental fruit trees in full bloom, daffodils and kids and dogs underfoot, tender green everywhere--on a quest to find a place for members of the Guppies chapter of Sisters in Crime to have lunch on the day of the Symposium. I'm thrilled with the weather, and I love the Edgars. I don't care that the odds are astronomical against my ever winning one. I don't mind if the nominees are not my favorite books of the year. I adore getting an invitation that says "dress to kill." This year, it said "black and white and read all over." It even suggested a way for the gentlemen to achieve this: a tux and a bloodstain. I don't mind paying the whopping fee for the banquet, because I'll amortize it by taking home a pile of free books. How about y'all? Awards, events--love 'em or hate 'em? And if you'll be in New York this week, let me know. I'd be delighted to say hello. :)

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I just left the Sleuthfest In South Beach---I ain't up to it.
Hey, Elizabeth! I'll be there, too. Not sure I'm going to be pulling off the tux thing, though. I might be wearing my one good suit (dark blue) and hoping the lights are low. Look forward to seeing you!
Duane, wear your name tag and look for me at the cocktail party beforehand or in the program, which lists what table everyone is at. :) Liz
I was tentatively planning to go to the Edgars Symposium in NYC tomorrow, but I've been procrastinating about reserving a place, and when I clicked on the site today, MWA told me it was all sold out! However, they helpfully provided a link to a page for ordering CDs and DVDs of the entire day. So I guess I'll be doing that and saving a couple of hundred dollars, which I'll need for Malice Domestic anyway. In a way, I'm relieved. The Edgars symposium is jam packed with interesting panels, but it doesn't look as if there's much time for networking. Coincidentally, I was thinking of starting a new forum topic about conferences. Liz raises some good points about these types of events, and I think I'll address them there.
I'm going! This will be my first Edgar sojourn, and I'm looking forward to it. And I even bought a dress for the occasion, which means that most of you who have never seen me in anything but jeans probably won't recognize me... at the banquet that is. Tomorrow I'll be in my requisite jeans and blazer and double mocha in hand.
Looking forward to meeting all the Crimespace folks that I've only had occasion to speak with online! And congrats to all our Crimespace Edgar Nominees. What fun!
Liz, your post made me miss New York! Especially Bonnie and Joe at Black Orchid, one of my favorite places to go away from home. I go through periods of seriously envying New Yorkers.
I hope to see you there, Liz. For the "read", I think I'll settle for a red bow tie instead of the blood.

Wife and I went last year and were strategically located at the side of the stage where the winners walked off. I took some great pictures. At least I thought they were great until I saw the ones Mary Reagan posted. Then all of a sudden mine became just good. I did get one great picture that Mary didn't get though, one of her.

I'll probably spend some time at Black Orchid on Friday.
Elizabeth-- I'll be there and I'll look for you to say Hey! The Black Orchid party was just charming. Some of the biggest names and also nicest people were in attendance -- Lee Child, Julia Spencer Fleming, Reed Coleman, Megan Abbott, Charles Ardai, SJ Rozan, Chris Grabenstein, Harry Hunsicker... and on and on... They set up the bar out on the sidewalk and it was a gorgeous evening. Bonnie and Joe were gracious as always! I don't know how they do it.

I'm not sure I can get away from my office early enough to go to the very exclusive and fun Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine cocktail party before the Edgar banquet. The EEQM party feels like a very cool club and I hope I get there.

The Edgars are always exciting. I have my gown -- long with asymetrical black ruffles -- and a red shawl parked beside my desk.

I love parties and special events! Hope to see you there. And yes, the free books are nice, too.



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