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I've often thought about using online backup, and have heard mozy is good.


Anybody have any other suggestions?

I have an external drive that I use for backup about once a week. I also back up writing files on CDs, always storing one in my car so everything isn't in the same location. But I'm thinking online backup might be handy.

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I send my daily work to a gmail account. Joe Konrath had recommended it some months back and I think the idea is inspired.
Your dead on right. I do the same exact thing and I've done it for quite awhile now. They give you so much memory space, I just send whatever I'm working on there and then tag it accordingly.

I also started using Google Docs recently
I just started using BookBackup.

OnlineStorage is free link for FTP storage.
thanks for the great replies. does anybody worry about security when it comes to any of these sites? that's my biggest concern. i'd hate to one day come across one of my stories with another name on the cover.
here's one that was in the google sidebar.


it looks to be very secure, but maybe they're all secure.


CrimeSpace Google Search

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