I finally have in my hands The 50/50 Killer by Steve Mosby. I am sooo happy I know Steve, so I was able to get my hands on a copy with plenty of time to for the Summer Spinetingler, as I'll be interviewing Steve. (Well, I've had it for three days, so I'm exaggerating with the 'finally' bit there.)

Want to know why I'm so distracted? Just try this teaser on for size:

"By the time they come face to face, the 50/50 killer knows his victims all too well. After weeks of surveillance, he targets young couples whom he subjects to a single night of torture and manipulation, testing and destroying the love between them. For he puts the choice in their hands: they have eight hours to decide which one of them will die at dawn..."

And if you click on the link above you can read the full synopsis. Thank cats (and Steve) I don't have to wait until June to get my grubby paws on it!

The tbr pile is overflowing with the latest PJ Parrish, which looks incredible as well, the new Robert Fate, which I'm dying to read, and plenty more. Being on the Serpeant's Tail and Bitter Lemon Press review copy mailing list is really a mixed blessing!

So, this week I'm cursing Steve because he's distracting me from my work. What about you guys? What are you reading? Any new discoveries?

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I got Alan Gordon's latest medieval mystery THE LARK'S LAMENT in the mail yesterday, and I put everything I could on hiatus until I finished it. He has changed feet with every book (which makes him something like a centipede, I guess). The charm and family truths in this one are a surprise after the drama, scholarship, and intensity of AN ANTIC DISPOSITION, which was a surprise after the romantic depth of THE WIDOW OF JERUSALEM, etc. No way to tell what the next will be like, except that it appears it will be in Toulouse.
I stumbled over a book by Louise Penny - Dead Calm - last week, and enjoyed it more than I can say. It's the second in a series, so I have just ordered the first, Still Life. Beautifully written mystery set in a perfect small town in Canada. Absolutely compelling characters. A treat.


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