Does anyone out there know yet who all of this weekend's Agatha Award winners were? A mole inside Malice Domestic XIX tells me that Sandra Parshall picked up Best First Novel honors for The Heat of the Moon, and Nancy Pickard's The Virgin of Small Plains was named Best Novel of the Year. But I've been unable to confirm anything more with the Malice Domestic divas, all of whom are probably still partying.

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This is what I was told on DorothyL, but like you, I was trying to verify it. In fact, I posted 2 minutes after you, asking the same question, so I deleted my question. Hope someone can verify it.

The winners are:

Best Novel: Nancy Pickard
Best First: Sandra Parshall
Best Short Story: Toni Kelner
Best Non-Fiction: Chris Roerden
Best YA: Nancy Means Wright

This is what was reported there.
Chris Roerden's DON'T MURDER YOUR MYSTERY won Best Non-Fiction. Hugely-deserved.
Partying??? They're still partying? BTW, do you have to be a chick to go for the Agatha Awards? How about if you just look like her? Agatha, I mean. But, pee standing up?

Chris Roerden? Oh, that is sweet. Did you notice the d-e-n in her name. Coincindence or---what?
I just got back from Malice last night and I can assure you I'm no longer partying, though some people stayed over last night, so who knows, maybe they are. Yes, men can be nominated for Agatha's - if I recall correctly, at least one man was nominated. (I'd check my program to be sure, but it's still packed somewhere among all the books I toted home.) And there were quite a few men at Malice, but far outnumbered by women. My unscientific guestimate puts the ratio at about 1 man to every 8 or 10 women.

I marked down the winners in my program, and I believe the above report is correct, but again, I have no idea where the program is!


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