Anyone else thinking of going to the Harrogate Crime festival?

Hi, I just wondered if anyone else on here was planning on going to this? I'm planning to do it on the cheap (just go for the day, not overnight stay) and go to a few talks on the Saturday.

Also I was wondering how many books the goody bag was likely to contain (i.e whether I can convince myself to shell out for a whole day ticket for the Saturday, as that should include a goody bag!)


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Hi Laura - like you, I was in two minds as to whether to go, so I posted on the forum about this a while ago. The answer was a resounding yes, it's worthwhile, and it comes highly recommended, so I'm going for the first time this year, too. Really looking forward to it. Lots of Crimespacers are going to be there, I gather, either as visitors or because they are on panels, so you certainly won't be alone. No idea about the goody bag. I'll leave it to those who are better informed to pick up on that one. If you do decide to stay over, there are a fair few places to stay that are cheaper than the venue. Google Harrogate and pick a hotel - that's pretty much what I did. Give me a shout if you go - I'll stand you a coffee (or a wine or a beer... I owe a few drinks to folk while I'm there). Cheers, Jools.
I've been the last two years, but won't make it this year, unfortunately. I don't know if the goody bag comes with the full day Saturday or not, but the entire weekend is worth it. I don't think you get the same experience just going to a few sessions. It's the evening entertainment and hanging out in the bar that really adds to the experience.

That's my 2 cents, anyway. But of course, when I go all that way I don't go for a day - it's not an option.
I'm going - I'm just picking and choosing panels though so I won't be entitled to a goodie bag. I am definitely signing up for all the evening events as they are great fun. I wish they had badges so we could all say hello to each other when it comes to people we don't know. It's tough otherwise. But if you see a chubby redhead, do say hi, it might be me. LOL
And in the company of a dark-haired middle-aged round bird, with a bit of luck- you're one of the ones I owe a drink to, Donna!
Hi all -

I am coming, but as I only get back from NY [Thrillerfest] a few days before - I have managed to persuade my long suffering wife and three kids to come as well, will be there Friday night, Saturday and Sunday - having the family might curtail any plans for late night drinking....but Harrogate is a great event and this years panels look exceptional - also

My dear colleague and CWA Stalwart Natasha Cooper is heavily involved in this summers Harrogate Crime writing festival. She wishes me to alert Rap Sheet Readers about a new competition that tests the crime reader – So after reading so many mystery novels, Natasha wonders if you can cut it as a sleuth?

The competition comes in the form of a short story ‘He Taught me Everything I Know’ penned by Natasha specially for the Harrogate conference

Natasha tells us a little more about the competition and her role in the upcoming Harrogate conference –

The competition takes the form of a short story, specially written (by me), setting up a crime scene. There will then be three sets of clues on three different websites, leading you to the solution, and - perhaps - the prize. I will post a precise link in due course, but in the meantime, the festival site can be found at

The festival programme is now complete and can be found on the Harrogate website. We have a terrific line up of panel authors, special guests and stellar interviewers. The quiz is still under construction, and Simon Kernick and I are busy delving into our memories and our reference books for questions to tease and tantalise you into showing just how much you know.

I'm dreading the anti-climax when it's all over, but, luckily, there's the fantastic St Hilda's Crime & Mystery Weekend to look forward to August. This year the overall theme is Strong Poison. My paper is called 'Love and the Fight for Autonomy in the Work of Dorothy L. Sayers'.


Hi Ali, I will check out the whodunit site shortly! I really should try and make it to St. Hildas at some point, as that's where I took my law degree, so I should show the old place some loyalty :). St. Hilda's is in a beautiful riverside setting, but is fortunate enough to be of less historic interest than many of the other colleges, so isn't swamped with tourists.
And I owe you one too Julie, so it looks as though we will be in the bar once or twice!
Can't make this year, but I'm considering attending next year. I'll need at least that long to save up for it, but I've heard it's a lot of fun.
I'll be there.
I've got to go to Harrogate for two reasons ... 1. I'm supposed to be part of the panel for a discussion on first novels/new writers, or some such thing. So I'll be very grateful for anyone who turns up to see that, because I'm terrified of looking out over a sea of empty seats ... and 2. I owe Ali Karim a very large drink, and I have a feeling he's expecting to collect at Harrogate!
Unfortunately it clashes with my summer vacation so I won't make it this year. I did want to go, though, and hope maybe to make it next. It is tough when these events coincide with the school holidays. Maybe I should take the hint from Ali who says he's bringing his children, and try to get mine more interested in crime fiction. As they are not, I am reduced to trying to sell them on Harrogate as a summer holiday destination, not easy.
Hi all, and thanks for the replies. I'll stick a photo on the profile as soon as I find one that won't frighten the horses, to hopeful allay any concerns about a faceless stranger enquiring about people's movements!

Julie - will be great to grab a drink with you some point on the Saturday, hope to bump into some of the others too. Tom - will check the site to see if your panel is on the Saturday, if so I'll try and turn out for it.

Sandra - I know, I know I'm missing out on the real atmosphere by going just during day time, but money and childcare commitments just make it very difficult to do a whole weekender.


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