Anyone else thinking of going to the Harrogate Crime festival?

Hi, I just wondered if anyone else on here was planning on going to this? I'm planning to do it on the cheap (just go for the day, not overnight stay) and go to a few talks on the Saturday.

Also I was wondering how many books the goody bag was likely to contain (i.e whether I can convince myself to shell out for a whole day ticket for the Saturday, as that should include a goody bag!)


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I'm going this year after missing last year!
I'll be there too. It's my third year going and i can too recommend the full package. Something about a residents bar that appeals to the Irish in me.
That said, if you get the full package you get a rover ticket which means you can go to every single panel if you so chose.
Chel-you know you and the others have to do the BBs proud and solve the crime that Natasha is setting up!!
I was thinking that sounds interesting. I promise i'll look into it. Even if we don't solve it i suppose it will be a laugh. (am i allowed to say it will be fun?)
I would hope having fun with it is part of the point of it!
I'll be there - my first time at this one, and I'll also be attending Creative Thursday!
Hi everyone, nice to see so many of you will be going. I've booked my cheap coach ticket, now I just need to decide which talks to book (hopefully they aren't sold out yet!)


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