For those who are going or who have been to Book Expo, what, aside from books, make successful giveaways. (And, yes, I know there are plenty of people who don't want to lug away crap, but...). What catches attention in a place bound to be chock full of people begging for attention?

Actually one person is giving away canolis. Not sure I can beat that.

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Going to my first Expo -- do only big boys get free samples of new mysteries from the likes of Soho or Europa Editions? Thanks
I stick to the books but have been known to pick up tee-shirts! the rest is junk unless edible whilst there

been going for 25 years!!! when it was still known as ABA and then BEA...

but always good fun
William, Who are "big boys?" I think everyone is giving out samples to anyone who cares to lug them home. Could be wrong. I've never been either.

Maxim, I'm partial to handbags and pens myself. They come in handy.

Jim, I think the expo is open to the public...those members of the public who want to pay a hefty entry fee. Not sure the haul of goodies would make up for the cost.

Margot, What booth will you be at? I'd stand in line...
It's mostly the big conglomerates who have abundant supplies of free advance reading copies, but many of the smaller houses also have stuff to give out, albeit in lesser quantities (and hand outs are more restricted to people will the right colour badge...).
My modus operandi is to spend first 2 hours each day picking books up, and then from 11 I begin my formal appointments.

I usually pick up well over a 100 books so well worth the entrance fee, although again it is in principle restricted to book trade and affiliated people but not sure how much that is policed.

Many big houses also give new books out at random during the day, so always well worth traipsing back a few times a day to see what has been brought of the cupboards! I tell you, book gathering at BEA has become something of an art form for me!
What about giveaways from organizations like MWA and SinC? How significant are they to you as a collector at BEA? I was told to bring 50 books and I'm worried about having to lug 49 back home.

Also, who is likely to have the "Right colour badge"? That is, I can't think of anyone who I wouldn't give a book to, but apparently some people can.
50 books? Really? I guess I should have asked MWA. I'm not planning on bringing more than 20. (Maybe I need to bring more).
MWA and SinC don't normally do give aways, unless specific publishers' authors have been supplied with freebies or authors themselves contribute.

Booksellers have the 'priority' colour, and then librarians. Some publishers' staff monitor loosely, but if some books are in short supply, they discourage giving stuff away to other colours... But books at signings are all given away free....
Ah, I believe MWA and SinC are both doing signings for their authors and the authors have been asked to bring books to give away. I'll have to learn the color codes as soon as I step in I guess.
I used to go to BEA/ABA every year for a previous lifetime. This will be my second time as an author. Just as in the video business (another previous lifetime) there are fewer and fewer independent retailers walking the floor. When the show is in NYC, there are a lot of NY publishing people who might not have made the trip if the show were in LA or SF. So, if you've got a limited supply of books to give away you might want to give them to booksellers or librarians, as opposed to some editorial asst. who's picking the book up for her roomate. OTOH, if you've got a ton of books - give her the book. Buzz is buzz. At this past Malice, most people gave away bookmarks and postcards. I didn't have my cover yet and had keychains made in the shape of daisies (it's in the title.) Corny...but people scooped them up. Con Lehane, ( who writes the Brian McNulty Bartender Mysteries, gave away matchbooks with pix of martinis on them. Cute, small, and memorable. For future...bookplates are kind of fun, too. Cheap and you can always have that all important web address on them. I'll be floating around Friday and Saturday..maybe we'll bump into each other.


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