I'm not sure how many of you are aware of this, but since I started Crimespace, I have been trawling through the blog posts and choosing five to feature on the main page. Every day, sometimes twice a day, depending on the frequency of member postings.

Since membership has increased, the number of posts coming through each day has increased proportionally, thus making the job of choosing posts each day more difficult. And more time consuming.

Hopefully you all won't mind me switching the blog display on the main page from 'Featured' to 'Recently Added'. I've also changed the number displayed to the last ten, just to give people enough time to read the posts.

Otherwise, everything's running smoothly here of late, so everybody ... get back to drinking!

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I've been wondering how the forum topics get there. Yes, that plan sounds excellent. I'm not at all surprised that more and more people join. This is a wonderful site. Many thanks, Daniel.

What is it with all the talk about drinking? Mind you, I like the stuff, but I get the feeling that nobody can write a book unless totally zonked. Or maybe it's just crime novelists who are alcoholics. Or is it the aenesthetizing of the pain we all suffer at the hands of publishers and readers?
The forum topics are automatic, it was just the blog posts. But still, less work is always a good thing.

Ingrid, I think the drinking thing is just an image. In fact, on this site, that's entirely literal. But, strangely, it does help to create something of a party atmosphere on Crimespace. Must be something to do with dopamines and visual recognition systems.

Or dulling the pain. :)
Though I was tickled beyond measure when I saw one of my blogs up front, I'm glad this new system will free up plenty of time for you to write, Daniel. You've done a wonderful work here--time to sit back and enjoy the fruits (or the martinis)!
Glad to have tickled. Although, 'beyond measure' must've hurt!
Good move, Daniel. More time for you to drink, write, and generally feck aboot on Crimespace could never be a bad thing! (And thanks, young 'un - it's a great place to hang out. You do a brilliant job here.)


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