This has nothing to do with writing crime fiction, but

A television show is scheduled to premier in the Netherlands this Friday night. Three "game show" contestants in need of a kidney transplant compete for a kidney being donated by a terminally ill woman. Anybody got an opinion?

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OH no, Jeff. Really?

Hell, why not?! Does Monty Python (MP) have anything to do with this new game show?

MP had a routine they did once where they came to a man's house collecting organs because he had designated he was an organ donor on his drivers license. His wife was reading the fine print as the organ donor patrol splayed her kicking and screaming husband down on a kitchen table top. She's chatting politely at the front door but her husband is shrieking in the back, blood spurting everywhere.

Who knew Monty Python could have such a prophetic spoof? (I'm assuming the television audience can dial in to VOTE. Sure, why not?)
I'd like to buy a bowel, Pat.
That is a riot..
Or they could call the show Extremely Final Jeopardy.
This vague resembles an inclass assignment we did in my Group Discussion class. We were given a list of of patients and had to decide which patient would get treatment over the rest. Of course at the end of our class period our prof said that in our exercise all of the patients did in fact end up getting treated, but this sounds harsh.

I'm assuming the "donor" has already been identified as a match for all three. The longer I think about this the more horrified I am-it's beyond sick.
Agreed. This is a horrific idea. And somehow I am just so not surprised that it's happening.
This is the kind of story you usually come across in dystopian sci-fi, where the writer is showing just how depraved these beings of the future have become.

And we're them, now.
Truth is stranger than ...
Who will be the MC?
Dr. Beaver Cleaver?
Dr. Kevorkian? He's out tomorrow.
I can only imagine what kind of new and demented shows we'll see this fall.
Pitiful has taken a new low. I keep telling my husband that we are experiencing the fall of the Roman (American) and apparently (Holland) Empire.
It's a hoax guys, apparently to raise awareness of the issue of lack of donor organs.,,70131-1268700,00.html?f=rss
They just revealed that the show was a fraud.

"A television show in which a woman would donate a kidney to a contestants was revealed as a hoax Friday, with presenters saying they were trying to pressure the government into reforming organ donation laws."


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