To piggyback on Laura's discussion about reading...

I'm looking forward to Dennis Lehane's new one, about the Boston Police Strike. And Julia Spencer-Fleming's sixth (I would think due out this fall or winter?).

Any other upcoming releases to keep watch for?

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Kim, so far it is slated for Fall 2007, but no one really knows because it's said to be a doorstopper that is taking him a long time! No title yet.
Nice to be mentioned in such fine company. Hope it delivers.
I hear you, Christa! Wow. I hope I deliver for you too, Patrick!
Allan Guthrie - Hard Man
Ray Banks - Donkey Punch & No More Heroes
Ditto Donkey Punch. I managed to scam an early peek at Hard Man and it's brilliant, hilarious and pitch fucking black.
My review of Hard Man will run in a couple weeks - you've nailed it!
Brett Battles's THE CLEANER.

My third one being done.
Priest-Ken Bruen
What the Dead Know-Laura Lippman
Magic City-James Hall
The Dead Hour-Denise Mina (have it but haven't read it yet)
Lost Echoes-Joe Landsdale
Fools Rush In-Ed Gorman
The Gospel According to Luke-Emily Maguire
Cruel Poetry-Vicki Hendricks
The next Megan Abbott;Dennis Lehane;Charlie Huston;Jason Starr;Gillian Flynn

Cruel Poetry was great! Have you read Voluntary Madness? Also great.

The latest Dortmunder novel, WHAT'S SO FUNNY? by Donald E. Westlake. It's due out next month.
I'm looking forward to Dennis Lehane's new one, about the Boston Police Strike.

Me too. Heck, I was looking forward to the one he scrapped, what was it called . . . DELORES?


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