After seeing the semi-pallid Ocean's Thirteen (okay, the guys looked pretty good), we got into a discussion of the best heist movies ever. Which movies stand out in your mind? For instance, someone said Dog Day Afternoon, but would that really count? Should a heist movie be mostly about planning and executing a heist and not sidebar into other issues.

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Loved Layer Cake. And Daniel Craig in it. Thanks for remembering it.
Daniel Craig is always good!
Well i believe wen it comes to heist 'heat' 'the italian job' starring mark wahlberg ....were just awesome with perfect music backgrounds and near perfect storylines are the best ......
Mamet has a unique way of making victims of the perpetrator's in his films. As far as heist films go, here's my list:

Glengarry Glen Ross
The Killing
Payback ( Porter goes through hell to get his money back from the job)
Reservoir Dogs
Ocean's Eleven (the original and the remake)
The Score
Sexy Beast
The Usual Suspects
How about CHARLIE VARRICK with Walter Mattheau? KILLING ZOE is an acquired taste, but I liked it. BLOOD & WINE might only marginally qualify as a "heist" film, but I'd still recommend it.
The Lookout.
The Thomas Crowne Affair would be my top pick, although the bank heist that opens The Dark Knight is excellent too.
I liked "The Bank Job." And Spike Lee's "Inside Man" (or could IM even be considered a heist movie, with the emphasis on Denzel's cop character?)
I just recently saw How to Steal a Million again, and agree that it is a great heist film. Also, an early Michael Caine movie, Gambit, is a lot of fun, with some twists in it. Another good film is The Score with Edward Norton. A recent film, which I think is great, is Confidence, with Edward Burns, Paul Giamatti, and Dustin Hoffman. A lot of great twists and turns.

Gus Cileone
A Lesson in Murder
Of course it's terribly dated now, but I absolutely LOVED Elliott Gould in The Silent Partner. At the time it was very dark and tense.
'Jackie Brown' gets my vote. The Quentin Tarantino one.
Forgot that I loved Jackie Brown -- thanks for the reminder.


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